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Insight for January 2022

Welcome to the New Year! I wish for you all the great things you wish for yourself, above all – peace, good health, abundance, calm, and loads of love, new and renewed.

I was preparing this month’s newsletter and doing some more research on the topic of narcissism. Over the past few weeks several narcissists have been so prominent in my life, I was sure I was going to crack under the pressure. We all have a shadow side, which can include narcissism, however, most likely not to the degree where you take the joy out of someone else’s life by diminishing the qualities in theirs you are envious of. The programming that we sometimes undergo since childhood years can be so damaging if we allow it to continue into adulthood, that is, if we aren’t taught how to deal with a narcissist. The narcissist operates from an ego base. No one is as beautiful or intelligent as they are. Their children are the prettiest and the best scholars. If you have a good singing voice and achieve recognition for it, they will diminish your qualities by saying they’ve heard much better. The narcissist is an oppressor and a bully, and can make life a misery for their victim in any relationship i.e. home or workplace. What they fail to recognize is that they heap a ton of karma on to themselves …

My newsletter was interrupted a few times during the month with me being diagnosed with Covid. No sooner had I recovered from that dreaded lurgy, when I contracted bronchitis. My planned trip to the coast to see my parents was put off both times. In the meantime, my father became ill and was eventually rushed to hospital by ambulance after collapsing. He had been sick for a week already on the pretext that he had the flu, only to discover that it was Covid pneumonia. He passed away on new year’s eve.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be dedicating my time and energy to family affairs and to self-care. All consultations are on hold until further notice.

To my nearest and dearest friends who have comforted and chatted and laughed with me during the past few weeks, I ask the angels to bring special joy and gifts into your lives. You are all so special and I appreciate you for who you are. 

Until soon …

Warm Regards


Angel Reading for January 2022
using the Angel Wisdom Tarot of Radleigh Valentine

The Queen of Fire : Brilliant, Talented, Independent, Controlling. There is nothing you can't do. Believe in yourself. Never underestimate your ability to make your dreams come true. The need for balance between career and personal life.

You’re encouraged to start the year on a bold positive note. What is it that you are fearing? This would be an indication of what you may need to heal in your life. It may be staring at you, could have come up several times in the past year, and something that you may not have dealt with. Now is the time to do so.

Start with some much needed self-care. Perhaps you have been spending too much time on others, thereby putting your own dreams on hold. Start the fire within you, and look for ways and means to make time to follow the dream that you have put off for so long. At first, hold everything close to your heart as sometimes sharing your joy may be destroyed by others cruel words.

You are the master of your own choices. Choose wisely – the people you surround yourself with, the people who you take advice from, and those with whom you share your dreams.

Create balance in your life by choosing to look after yourself first, creating a balance between work and home life. Learn to say “No” without giving excuses or reasons. You are strong, you are independent, and should love yourself enough to want the best for your soul.

Ask the angels at all times to surround you with their love as you embark on this new year, filled with renewed energy and strength to face the challenges that come your way. Ask them to place the right people on your path, those you appreciate you, who care, and who are genuine. It’s time to let go of those who use and abuse, and diminish your dreams and ambitions.

You’ve got this! 


January 2022 Horoscope
by Athena Antares

Hello 2022! Welcome to a brand-new year and a new monthly horoscope! Immediately as we enter January, there’s electricity in the air. There’s positivity and a sense of optimism that this will be a good year. It’s true—the astrology of 2022 holds a lot of promise. But before we get to bask in all that glory, there is still a test we must pass

The first lunar event arrives as early as January 2 as the Moon becomes New in the ambitious sign of Capricorn. If you haven’t done so, this is a fabulous time to start crafting a plan or strategy for the year ahead. Get crystal-clear on the specifics, as this is a time in which the universe listens.

Since mid-December, we’ve been deep in the retrograde of Venus. The way we relate to one another is changing and evolving, and this trend continues for the entirety of the month. And as the Sun meets with Venus on January 8, we will see how all these changes begin to manifest.

On January 14, Mercury, our cosmic communicator, also goes retrograde (one of the important astrology events of 2022). This is a big deal, as the retrogrades of two natal planets rarely overlap. During the second part of the month, a deeply introspective vibe will prevail. While the outside world goes through this intense reset, take this opportunity to go within and really meditate on your intentions and desires for the future.

Lastly, as the January 17 Full Moon in Cancer rises in the sky, expect surprises and more excitement. Uranus, the Great Awakener, will be going direct just at the onset of Aquarius season. During the last third of the month, going with the flow can not only bring big breakthroughs but also originality and excitement into our lives.

January has an extremely ambitious tone for you as the Capricorn Sun illuminates your professional sector. You’re fired up and ready to go! However, keep in mind that both Venus and Mercury will be retrograde in your reputation and career sector this month, so save any big changes for another time. During this month, it’s best to focus on planning and strategizing, Aries. On January 24, your ruler, Mars, enters Capricorn, its absolute favorite zodiac sign to be in. This marks the beginning of a two-month period in which you will make great strides in life, including your career. How exciting!

January might not be the strongest of months for you, but it does provide the appropriate terrain for some deep self-reflection. You’re going through a period of transformation in your relationships and maybe even your own beliefs about the world. January 8 is the perfect day to make a considerable change as the Sun illuminates all the areas that need an overhaul. January 29 brings the end of Venus’ retrograde journey, which is something worthy of celebration. Two days later, the Aquarius New Moon shifts your mind towards your career sector, making this a good time to start setting ambitious goals for the future!

It’s that time again, Gemini. Your ruler, Mercury, will begin its first retrograde of the year on January 14. If you have a deal or contract to sign or an important item to buy, make sure to do it before then. January 23 is an important day for you. As the Sun meets with Mercury in your ninth house of learning and expansion, you might get an innovative and out-of-the-blue idea that could prove to be quite profitable during the year ahead. Make it a point to turn off the noise so you can make use of this exciting day!

Venus retrograde has been teaching you a ton about your relationships, dear Crab. And as the New Moon in Capricorn activates your partnership sector on January 2, it’s time to start integrating all that learning. This month’s Full Moon happens in your sign, on January 17, bringing you the chance to unload what’s been emotionally draining you. You may have a hard time opening up, but this lunation can really help you express what you would normally hide in your shell. Take this once-a-year opportunity to express yourself to those you love. Their reactions might even surprise you!

This month’s energy has you quite focused on your routines as changes seem to be required. While this might be annoying, trust that these adjustments will set you up for success in the year ahead. January 16 is an important day for you to explore your relationship to power within business relationships. An a-ha moment could arrive, or a certain dynamic might be illuminated. January 31 brings the second New Moon of the month, which happens in your relationship sector. By then, Venus will be direct—so it’s time to put in place all the changes that seem pertinent in this area of your life.

Whether single or taken, romance is on your mind for a greater part of the month. Jupiter is now blessing your relationship sector—however, because Venus is still retrograde, it’s not time yet to search for (or approach) the person of your dreams. In fact, this month’s energy is best spent on redefining, fine-tuning, and re-doing important projects. Mercury will also retrograde starting January 14. Good thing you’re a master at analyzing and fixing things, Virgo. Over the month ahead, don’t be shy when sharing these skills with others. Remember that, in 2022, the more love you share, the more abundance you attract.

The intense focus on your home sector continues during the month ahead as Venus retrograde makes the changes that need to happen more obvious. January 8 is the perfect day to start working towards these, Libra. Once the Sun enters air sign pal Aquarius on January 19, you will begin to feel lighter (phew!). It’s been an intense time, to say the least. But from this moment on, don’t hesitate to spend more time on self-care. With the cosmos now activating your fifth house of fun for the next four weeks, you’re being encouraged to focus on what brings you pleasure. Enjoy!

The focus on your communication sector continues for most of the month, and this month brings two powerful days for you to begin speaking your truth. January 2 and January 8 are key for you to integrate the Venus retrograde learnings, Scorpio. Once the Sun enters Aquarius and Uranus goes direct around mid-month, life begins to get exciting, especially in your home and family sector. Be open to surprises and go with the flow around this time. While unexpected things can come up with someone close to you, don’t forget that blessings in disguise are also possible under this month’s astrological weather.

Venus retrograde has been teaching you some serious lessons about money and self-worth, Sagittarius. And in January, this trend continues as the Capricorn Sun keeps requesting that you begin to make considerable changes. Once the Sun enters Aquarius, things begin to lighten up as the focus moves to communication, one of your favorite topics. However, keep in mind that this time, Mercury retrograde also arrives on January 14 to bring more lessons in the way you exchange information. We promise that 2022 will be a great year, Sagittarius—you just have to get through these two retrogrades first!

January begins impregnated with your energy as a total of five planetary bodies occupy your sign. While life can certainly feel fast and furious, you could very well feel in your element for most of the month. The New Moon on January 2 is yours for the taking, so set some ambitious goals. Venus and Mercury will be retrograde in your sign, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start putting together your master plan. In fact, they can be useful to shape it. The absolute best news is driven Mars entering your sign on January 24, starting a two-month period of productivity.

In January, so much is happening below the surface as the planets stir your sector of subconscious mind. Dreamwork, journaling, and esoteric practices are your motto now as you decode all the cosmic messages. On January 19, the Sun enters your sign while activating Mercury retrograde. A blast from the past could certainly happen around this time. If an ex comes back into your life, remember why they became an “ex” in the first place, Aquarius! January 31 brings the second New Moon of the month, which is your best chance to set some goals for the year ahead.

With magnanimous Jupiter now in your sign, you’re feeling like a fish in the water. If it wasn’t for all the retrograde drama in your group of friends, life would be perfect. On the positive side, you can use this month’s energy to clear those friendships that are no longer in line with you. This applies to real life as well as social media. Mark the days between January 5 and January 10 in your calendar as the best time of the month to get your creative juices flowing. In 2022, the more you create the more abundance you call in, dear Pisces.


Important Moon Phase Dates : 

JANUARY 2022 (based on South African time zone)

2 New moon in Capricorn
9 Half moon waxing in Aries
17 Full moon in Cancer
20 Sun enters Aquarius
25 Half moon waning in Scorpio 

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