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May 2018

May Month Overview:

May 2018’s big event is Uranus entering Taurus, which it will transit until 2026. Beginning with May 15, the planet of mentality-related revolutions and changes starts to mess up the way we understand security and stability – particularly in terms of money. We’re entering a long term of fluctuations when it comes to money – some that can prove to be severe –, even greater economical instability, and we’ll have to adapt as we go and act in a concrete, thought-out, and perseverant way. Money can come and go suddenly, and managing personal resources can become tricky.

May 2018 is also dynamic in terms of communicating, thinking, learning, as well as commerce, barter, transportations. Mercury is very active when it comes to aspects with other planets, which stimulates the intellect. Bold and even extreme ideas are coming our way, particularly during the first decan of May.

On May 13 2018 Mercury enters Taurus, and this favors practical thinking and relating to clear, measurable benefits. Ideas and thoughts become significant resources, and we get the opportunity to put our money where our mouth is as far as thoughts and words go. On the other hand, we tend to think slower, and the rigidity of ideas can lead to arguments or unproductive action – particularly during the second decan of the month when Mercury and Mars make a square.

The Mercury-Uranus conjunction (the effects of which can be felt during the May 12-14 term) stimulates the need to experiment, originality, and ingeniousness. 

Mars and Uranus haven’t been on good terms for a while now, and the tension between these planets makes itself known particularly during the May 13-19 2018 term. There’s a significant risk of accidents and injuries and there’s also greater likelihood of malfunction when it comes to certain machines. The general attitude tends to be oriented toward confrontation, getting what we want no matter what. Plot twists are an everyday occurrence and a conscious effort is needed in order not to destroy what is good and functional in our lives.

After May 16 2018, with Mars’ entry in Aquarius, the rebel in each of us could wake up; we might tend to become intolerant when it comes to restrictions, suffocating relationships, and the concept of authority. We’d be better off if our actions would reflect more altruism, friendship, concern for what’s going on with society.

Beginning with May 18 2018, the astrological atmosphere becomes lighter, and Mercury is in harmonious relations with Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. So strategic, long-term thinking is encouraged; there’s greater ability to focus, better attention, and it’s a good time to resume negotiations that have been stagnant for a while now.

Considering the fact that Saturn and Jupiter are in apparent retrograde motion, we can’t expect spectacular progress and we should pay attention to our spending habits. Revising resources and career ambitions is advised, as well as looking for ways to save up or invest – but on a smaller scale, avoiding risks and a certain predisposition toward excess.

Venus’ transit through Cancer (beginning with May 19) and the trine between Jupiter (situated in Scorpio) and Neptune (from Pisces) – the effects of which are mostly evident during the May 18-25 term – stimulate compassion, care for others, romance, imagination, the need to hold ourselves to higher standards or to reconnect with the spiritual side of life.

The Venus-Saturn opposition (May 25-27 2018) could awaken insecurities in relationships, melancholia or the sense of solitude or abandonment. Also, under the influence of this opposition it might become tougher to find a balance between career and family life.

But May 2018 ends on an upbeat note, with a trine between Venus and Jupiter, which brings optimism and faith in love, as well as a positive outlook on opportunities for income. But you should be careful about a predisposition toward self-indulgence and laziness.

Ada Cocoș 

Important Dates : 

May (based on South African time zone)

08 Half moon waning in Aquarius
15 New moon in Taurus (13:48)
22 Half moon waxing in Virgo
29  Full moon in Sagittarius (16:20)

See also: Moon Phases


Angel Reading for May 2018

Message from Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards
by Doreen Virtue

Archangel Gabriel wants to encourage you to open your heart to love, whether it’s within a relationship or whether you’re doing something creative, you’re encouraged to shine the light of love brightly so that it sends out a beacon to illuminate you and your work. This, in turn, will attract all the right people who will give you support, as well as companionship. This card reminds you that although you may have been hurt or disappointed in the past, closing your heart to protect yourself isn’t the answer. Allow that positive energy to spread to others so they too can enjoy the healing that it brings.

Notice the repetitive messages and signs that the angels are sharing with you. Messages that urge you to make positive changes are Divine guidance, and are often how prayers are answered. If you’re unsure whether the message you’re receiving is correct, then ask God to send you additional signs as confirmation. When you follow true Divine guidance, your path is harmonious, enjoyable and safe.

The last card confirms that you’ll be receiving recognition for your efforts and accomplishments. It may come in any form – media attention, compliments, awards or promotion. It can also be a sign of your own self-recognition, which is the key to high self-esteem. Remember, it’s healthy for you to acknowledge how hard you’ve worked and to reward yourself for your efforts! 

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