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Insight for July 2024            

Hi there!

We’re officially in the second half of the year! Life is motoring along! I can’t keep up. How about you?

Talking about the year motoring along … do you however feel stuck with some aspects of your life where nothing seems to be working for you? This can bring about feelings of extreme impatience and frustration. Many clients in my own circle have been waiting for things to improve for them – whether it’s financially, job-wise or relationship-wise. There are some who are resigned and wait patiently with faith playing a big role, and then there are others whose impatience spills over on to loved ones as they project their frustration on to them.

The lesson behind having patience is not new, but the sad part is that we want instant gratification with everything. Things must happen now!

As Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life) sums it up:
“Impatience is only another form of resistance. It is resistance to learning and to changing. When we demand that it be done right now, completed at once, then we don’t give ourselves time to learn the lesson involved with the problem we have created.”

When I am impatient, I know it is because I do not want to take the time to learn the lesson at hand. I want it done now. Or as I once heard: “Instant gratification is not soon enough.” There is always something to learn, something to know. Patience is being at peace with the process of life, knowing that everything happens in the perfect time/space sequence. If I am not having completion now, then there is something more for me to know or do. Being impatient does not speed up the process; it only wastes time. So I breathe, go within, and ask, “What is it I need to know?” Then I patiently wait to receive the help that is all around me.

Impatience is only resistance to learning. It means we want the goal without going through the process. We need to let ourselves learn, step by step. It will get easier as we go along.

Life is a series of doors closing and opening. We walk from room to room having different experiences. Many of us would like to close some doors on old negative patterns, old blocks, situations that are no longer nourishing or useful to ourselves. Many of us are in the process of opening new doors and finding wonderful new experiences.

I think that we come to this planet many, many times, and we come to learn different lessons. It’s like coming to school. Before we incarnate at any particular time on the planet, we decide the lesson we are going to learn so that we can evolve spiritually. Once we choose our lesson, we choose all the circumstances and situations that will enable us to learn the lesson, including our parents, sexuality, place of birth, and race. If you’ve gotten this far in your life, believe me, you’ve made all the right choices.

As you go through life, it is essential to remind yourself that you are safe. It is only change. Trust your Higher Self to lead you and guide you in ways that are best for your spiritual growth. As Joseph Campbell once said, “Follow your bliss.”
See yourself opening doors to joy, peace, healing, prosperity, and love; doors to understanding, compassion, forgiveness and freedom; doors to self-worth, self-esteem and self-love. You are eternal. You will go on forever from experience to experience. Even when you pass through the last doorway on this planet, it is not the end. It is the beginning of another new adventure.

I trust myself.
The world is a work of art, and so am I. For me to contribute positively to this ongoing creation, it is necessary that I trust the process of life. If things get difficult, I confidently go within and anchor my thoughts in Truth and love. I ask for the guidance of the Universe as I make my way safely through stormy seas and calm, blissful weather. My job is to stay in the present moment and to choose clear, simple, positive thoughts and words. I know it isn’t necessary or even possible to have a reason for everything. I do know that I was born a beautiful and trusting soul. I take a moment now to treasure the mysterious and invisible process of life that I am.

Fear Is Not Having Trust
Fear is rampant on the planet. You can see and hear about it in the news every day in the form of wars, murders, greed, and more. Fear is a lack of trust in ourselves. Because of that we don't trust Life. We don't trust that we are being taken care of on a higher level, so we feel we must control everything from the physical level.

Obviously, we are going to feel fear because we can't control everything in our lives.

Trust is what we learn when we want to overcome our fears. It's called taking the leap-of-faith. Trust in the Power within that is connected to Universal Intelligence.
Trust in that which is invisible, instead of trusting only in the physical, material world. I'm not saying that we do nothing, yet if we have trust, we can go through life much easier. If you recall what I said earlier, I believe that everything I need to know is revealed to me. I trust that I am being taken care of, even though I am not physically in control of everything that is happening around me.

When a fearful thought comes up, it really is trying to protect you. I suggest that you say to the fear, "I know you want to protect me. I appreciate that you want to help me. And I thank you." Acknowledge the fearful thought; it's there to take care of you. When you become physically frightened, your adrenalin pumps through your body to protect you from danger. It's the same with the fear you manufacture in your mind.

Observe your fears and recognize that you are not them. Think of fear the way you view images on a movie screen. What you see on the screen is really not there. The moving pictures are just frames of celluloid, and they change and disappear very rapidly. Our fears will come and go as rapidly as those pictures, unless we insist on
holding on to them. Fear is a limitation of our minds. People have so much fear about getting sick or about becoming homeless or whatever. Anger is fear that becomes a defense mechanism. It protects you and yet it would be much more powerful for you to do affirmations so you can stop recreating fearful situations in your minds, and love yourself through the fear. Again, nothing comes from outside of us. We are at the center of everything that happens in our lives. Everything is inside—every experience, every relationship, is the mirror of a mental pattern that we have inside us.

Fear is the opposite of love. The more we are willing to love and trust who we are, the more we attract these qualities to ourselves. When we are on a streak of really being frightened or upset or worried or not liking our selves, isn't it amazing how everything goes wrong in our lives? One thing after another. It seems it will never stop. Well, it is the same when we really love ourselves.

Everything starts to go on a winning streak and we get the "green lights" and the "parking places." All of the things that make life so wonderful—the big and the little. We get up in the morning, and the day flows beautifully.

Love yourself so that you can take care of yourself. Do everything you can to strengthen your heart, your body, and your mind. Turn to the Power within you. Find a good spiritual connection, and really work on maintaining it.

If you are feeling threatened or fearful, consciously breathe. We often hold our breath when we are frightened. So take a few deep breaths. Breathing opens the space inside you that is your power. It straightens your spine. It opens your chest and gives your heart room to expand. By breathing you begin to drop the barriers and open up. You expand rather than contract. Your love flows. Say: "I am one with the Power that created me. I am safe. All is well in my world.''

When we trust the process of life and our spiritual connection with the Universe, we can dissolve our angers and fears as soon as they appear. We can trust in life and know that everything is happening in divine right order and the perfect time-space sequence.

When I first feel pain or discomfort, I quiet myself. I trust that my Higher Power will let me know what needs to be changed in my life, so I can be free from this dis-ease. In these quiet times, I visualize the most perfect natural setting with my favorite flowers growing in abundance all around me. I can feel and smell the sweet, warm air as it blows gently across my face. I concentrate on relaxing every muscle in my body.

When I feel that I have reached a state of complete relaxation, I simply ask my Inner Wisdom, ''How am I contributing to this problem? What is it that I need to know? What areas of my life are in need of change?'’ Then I let the answers pour over me.

The answers may not come at that moment but I know that they will be revealed to me soon. I know that whatever changes are needed are the right ones for me and that I will be completely safe no matter what unfolds before me.


As with everything, practice is key…

One piece of good news is that the Light & Joy Fayres will be returning to Saturdays going forward. The revised list of dates can be found under Events on my website. Please note that payments for readings at these events are either cash or via instant EFT, EFT being the method of payment via your banking app. I don’t accept credit or debit cards at all.

Wishing you well over the month of July! Stay well and stay warm!

Much love and blessings


Angel Oracle Card Reading 
for July 2024

using Diana Cooper's Angel Oracle Cards


Trust the higher forces of life to know what is best for you and remember that when you are asked to wait, you are being prepared for something even better than you expected.

So change your attitude to one of acceptance. Relax and take stock.

Ask your angel to enfold you during this waiting period so that you can listen to the promptings of the Divine.

Do not rush off on some wild goose-chase of your lower will.

When the time is right and you are ready and refreshed, the next door will open.

Patience is always rewarded.

Affirmation: All things happen at the perfect time.


Astro-Insight for July 2024
by Kathy Biehl

July blazes with vibrant, life-affirming, attention-getting energy. It launches the month and sets the stage for the high drama that’s coming midway through.

The fieriness radiates from the Leo emphasis that courses through the month, with three bodies entering the sign: first Mercury, enlivening minds and mouths, then Venus, pumping up sociability, and then the Sun, encouraging everyone to come out and play.

This year’s Leo edition comes with a twist, though. Two, actually. The sign’s self-focused, grandiose propensities come softened, tempered, and sensitive to the existence of others – and quickly confront forces that outrank an individual ego. That’s because before each body enters Leo’s fires, it communes with the all-connecting, otherworldly waters of Neptune. Then, as those waters are burning off, each body stares down stark truths, power dynamics and other challenges from Pluto, agent of unavoidable change.

The interplay presents inescapable reminders that we are each part of a greater whole. That we are each responsible for our individual role and to each other. And that we are individually and collectively in a surge of evolution.

Heady undercurrents for a month associated with fun in the sun. They’ll mold conversation, interactions and self-expression, paradoxically suspending time and creating hyperawareness of being in the moment.

The pattern begins with communication and relationships. On June 2, Mercury trines Neptune as the dreamweaver stations retrograde, then leaves ever so emotive Cancer and enters high-energy, outgoing Leo for a three week stay. Meanwhile back in Cancer, Venus trines order-loving Saturn and unleashes a flood of commitments, obligations and stabilizing.

Challenging conversations and subterranean impulses grab attention the next day when Mercury opposes Pluto. Firm footing returns by the 5th. Mars’ sextile to Saturn brings opportunities to act on those recent commitments and obligations and otherwise stabilize life, while the Cancer New Moon’s trine to Saturn grounds emotions and nurturing in structures with staying power.

Overbearing or smothering, however, is not the point. Sextiles from Venus to Uranus and Mercury to Jupiter encourage breaks from the ordinary, novel connections and lots and lots and lots of chatter. Watch for enhanced confidence and inner stability as the Sun trines Saturn July 10.

Interpersonal dealings are flowing nicely as well. Creativity and relationships enjoy a touch of heaven on earth when Venus trines her counterpart Neptune July 11. She immediately trades that glamour for the glitz of Leo and confronts us with some hard truths and power games with an opposition to Pluto July 12.

And then comes the month’s big event, on July 15. Mercury’s inconjunct to Saturn is the lead-in, with obligations requiring tweaks in thinking and messaging. Something big gives, moves, erupts, when Mars conjoins Uranus. The meeting redetonates April’s Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. It’s a recipe for bold, sudden, perhaps unexpected activity, which could – take care – include accidents. This is the moment for implementing ideas and possibilities that broke loose for you in April. You may be the instigator; you may be the recipient.

And if chaos erupts, don’t panic. It carries a liberating, awakening potential.

Opportunities quickly arrive to capitalize on that, when the Sun sextiles Uranus July 18. Openings for inspired, divinely guided action follow. Mars sextiles Neptune July 20 and then flies into Gemini, where our drive, motivations and approaches turn to ideas, multitasking, flexibility and quick change artistry.

The most astrologically complex day of the month follows, on July 21. The year’s second full moon in Capricorn occurs at the last degree of the sign. A exact sextile to Neptune waters and softens this otherwise hard, goal-oriented Moon, which is preparing the ground for Pluto’s final visit to Capricorn September 1- November 18.
Fittingly, the environment is hardly cozy. Venus’ sextile to Jupiter is amplifying desires and a sense of entitlement to having them fulfilled. A square from Mercury to Uranus is peppering the air with startling, shocking news and messages, while the skies’ movers and shakers, Mars and Pluto, are unleashing verbal assaults and aggressions.

If something isn’t adding to your long-term security…let the purging begin.
The immediate, personal ramifications become clearer after the Sun enters Leo July 22 and opposes Pluto July 23. The standoff is delivering evidence of what you can and can not control and calling for streamlining your life.

Approach communications with a full shaker of salt when Mercury inconjuncts Neptune July 25. Don’t believe everything you think, hear or read. On the other hand…hunches may be more accurate than what’s flowing through information channels and social media.

Logic and analytical thinking come back into reach that same day after Mercury enters his earthy, discriminating home of Virgo. Don’t retreat into your head; the opportunities outside are too good and self-enhancing. Send feelers out into the world. Connect with pals and share your unique self, as the Sun sextiles Mars.
July ends with some rebalancing. Socializing gives way to obligations and commitments, with Venus inconjunct Saturn (like a parent saying “not until after you do your homework”). Meanwhile, Mercury’s inconjunct to Pluto creates an interplay between the spoken and unspoken. You realize or spot something in a corner and think better of mentioning it. Or a revelation causes you to reconfigure your thinking, or your phrasing.

Saturn will have more for us in August. For now, let him show the contours of your existence, then dance within them.


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