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Light & Joy Holistic Fayre
Saturday, 28 September 2019

at Ngwenya Glass Village, Muldersdrift
from 10am to 4pm
Free entry


Let's Talk Angels - on AV Radio

On Thursday, 05 September 2019 at 7pm

I'll be sharing information on 
Tips / how to / what not to do / why it works / why it doesn’t…
Also, I’ll include a couple of angel readings during the course of the show. 

Links to AV Radio and podcasts from previous shows may be found here



Angel Reading for September 2019

Reading using the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards
of Colette baron-Reid

The Frog says that it’s time to clean house and get rid of the clutter in your environment, your head, and your heart. Move out any objects, thoughts, or relationships that hold you back. It’s time to get rid of anything that clutters your life or your space with unwanted burdensome energy, or anything that weighs heavily on your heart.

Look around you and take stock of what surrounds you. Does what you see hold positive and supportive energy? If not, it’s time to throw it away and release it so that it, in turn, will release you from its influence. When the Frog appears, it’s always spring and time for cleaning your house so you can allow new and fresh energy to enter your world.

The Frog says, “It’s time to release all things no longer appropriate to bring on your journey. Then you can hop to the next lily pad, light and free.”

When the Stag appears on your path, he tells you to take pride in all that you do. Be the leader and hold your head high, and others will follow by your example. Ask yourself these questions: “Am I following my highest path?” “Am I acting in integrity and doing the best I can?” or “Am I held back by the kind of pride that cuts me off from life through arrogance, or its reverse, low self-esteem?”

The Stag asks you to be a leader, be proactive (with the highest intentions), and to always ask, “What is the highest good for all?” Arrogance and its reverse are both places of alienation and ways to avoid responsibility and accountability.

The Stag leads you out of both difficult places into the kind of pride that reminds you that you’re always in service to the God/Goddess in every step you take. You may already be there, in which case, you should be proud and happy. Look how far you’ve come! Rejoice, for the Stag always leads you to a higher place with a sure and steady footing.

This Swan card represents a transformation from one state to another. From the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan, this signals a period of growth that will ultimately be life-changing. The Swan says that you may change so much that you may not recognize yourself in the end. Most important, it’s time to honor and love this change within yourself, for then only the most beautiful reflection will shine back at your from the mirror of your life.

The Swan says, “Dive in; you will love who you become.” It also reminds you that you need to trust your intuition and your psychic gifts to guide you as you go through the process of wonderful and ultimate change. The Swan is the companion of the High Priestess, who has the ability to part the mists that serve to separate Avalon from the physical world. The Swan can dive into the lake on her behalf and find treasure that human eyes cannot see.

The Swan reminds you to see with your heart and listen with your spirit . . . and the whole world can be magically transformed.



September 2019

Intuitive Astrology Forecast 
By Tanaaz

August was a high vibing month with some of the best astrological aspects of the year, including the Virgo New Moon which came on the 30th. While the New Moon energy will spill into September, it is a much quieter month and will be guiding us to get grounded and stay focused.

If August was a month of raising ourselves high, September will be the month we are encouraged to bring what we have learned back down to Earth!

During the first part of the month, with the Sun in Virgo and six other planets in Earth signs, we will feel the need to get grounded and to think about our day to day routine.

It is perfectly fine to have big visions and to strive to live our dreams however, under this energy, we need to bring our focus and attention to how we are actually spending the minutes of our day.

It’s what we do day in and day out that creates our life, so think about your daily routine and how you can tidy things up and schedule more time for the things you really want to do.

The first part of the month is also great for getting organized, for clearing out the clutter from your home or your mind, and for making sure your routine leaves time for self- care.

Earth energy likes to keep things practical and simple, so be realistic when it comes to your goals and what it is that you want to get done. Remember, this is not a time for dreaming it is a time for doing and taking action!

If you have felt sluggish, unmotivated or if things have been moving too slow for your liking, September may also bring the push you have been looking for.

Starting on September 2nd, we have the meeting of the Sun and Mars. This is a high energy day that will give us the push we need to get things moving.

If there is something you’ve been meaning to do, or something you wish to cross off your to-do list, take action around this date, as you may just find things get done much quicker than expected!

During the second week of September, we also have two powerful days in numerology, September 9th and September 11th.

9 is considered an important number in numerology as it is one of the numbers of creation. On September 9, we have the numerology code of 99 which heightens the creative vibration and helps us to reflect on wholeness, completion, and our spiritual connection.

On September 11 we have the numerology code of 911 which is a number that is said to activate healing and lightworker energy.

September is also the month of the year where the lessons of our Personal Year Number are strengthened. You can read more on this numerology here.

September 13th brings the Full Moon in the sign of Pisces. This is an emotionally sensitive Full Moon which will help to soften some of the earthy, energy the first part of the month brought our way.

Under the light of this Full Moon, we may have an emotional breakthrough or some new information may come to light to help us on our journey.

Seeing as Pisces is a very sensitive and creative sign, we may also feel these areas heightened.

Following the Full Moon on September 18th, we have Saturn turning direct after being retrograde since April 2019. Saturn turning direct is a pivotal moment as now it will march on forward towards Pluto without any interruptions.

The alignment of Saturn and Pluto will happen in January 2020 but we will start to feel it towards the end of this year. This is a deeply transformative alignment that will bring a lot of energy for us to work with on both a personal and global level. You can read more about it here.

September 21st then brings the final meeting of the Jupiter Neptune Square. Jupiter and Neptune squared each other three times this year, the first in January, the second in June and now the final meeting will happen this month.

You can read more about this energy here, but as they approach their final meeting, a new truth may be revealed or we may find that things were not what they seemed.

This is a big crystallization moment that may deliver some pretty big truth bombs! While this could be challenging, we will feel more confident in making plans, trusting our intuition, and moving forward.

September 23rd then brings the Equinox and the Sun’s move into the air sign of Libra. This is a turning point in the astrological year and represents the start of a new season.

We will all feel this shift in energy, and perhaps even begin to think about wrapping up and bringing closure to the things that we wanted to achieve this year.

September ends with the New Moon in Libra on the 28th, which will help us to integrate the lessons the month has brought our way.

All through September, we were being encouraged to get organized, to clear the clutter, and to rework our schedules so they are a reflection of how we want to be spending our time and under this New Moon, the last piece of the puzzle will be put into place – Ease.

We will be able to take all we have discovered and learned, and integrate it in a way that brings ease and balance into our lives.


Important Dates : 

SEPTEMBER (based on South African time zone)

6 Half moon waxing in Sag
14 Full moon in Pisces (06h33)
22 Half moon waning in Gemini
23 Sun in Libra
23 Equinox (Quarter day)
28 New moon in Libra (20h26) 

See also: Moon Phases

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