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Once you have learnt how to connect with your guardian angel, your life will change. If you'd like to do a guided meditation on how to meet your guardian angel, please go to the Visualisations page, and click on the link "How to meet your guardian angel".

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Light & Joy Holistic Fayre
Saturday, 03 August 2019

at Edenvale Community Centre
from 9am to 4pm
R20 entrance fee

Unfortunately due to ill health, I will not be
attending this fayre


Let's Talk Angels - on AV Radio

On Thursday, 01 August 2019 at 7pm

I'll be sharing information on 
Guardian Angels
Tune in
to meet your Guardian Angel

Links to AV Radio and podcasts from previous shows may be found here



Angel Reading for August 2019

Reading using the Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards
of Doreen Virtue

Your guides wish to encourage you to finish something that you started a while ago. It could have been a dream or vision that you had for your future, or it could be a project that you started a while back. Whatever it is, take it out now and give it some more consideration. Do more research if you have to. Speak to trustworthy people about the way forward. It’s perfect timing to do something different and uplifting in your life to help put back some good vibrations back into it. When you place your energy into something good, it draws more of the same in and gives you even more encouragement to forge ahead. Make it a fun exercise as well so when you give attention to it, it brings on a smile.

Many of you may have already started a project and could be waiting to hear results of your efforts. While you’re waiting, continue with positive thoughts and see a happy outcome. Don’t lose faith. Believe in what you do and believe that you can be happy following your dreams. There is such hardship and strife in the world already, so create a corner of your own where you can enjoy the time spent on doing things you truly enjoy.

Others may be waiting for the love of their life or have put money aside to purchase property, or have been wanting to start a family, but oh … things are taking forever and they are feeling stuck. Nothing seems to be falling into place. Again, you’re urged to believe that things happen in perfect Divine timing. Shake loose any preconceived ideas on how things could happen or should happen, as often the spiritual realms surprise us with outcomes from completely different sources than what we anticipated. Open yourself up to receiving as well, as being embarrassed about receiving gifts – doesn’t matter how small – can block your progress.

And in a world of strife and hardships, be the shining light that shows others that by acting mean and bossy actually gets them nowhere, except emptiness and loss. Most times the people who act out are often afraid of rejection, not being good enough, or feel that someone else needs to be the brunt of their anger. Most don’t know that love can heal fear. Be the shining example to them because you have the wonderful healing power within you to share that love, and to show that love can overcome anything. Who in your world do you know needs love to conquer their bullying tactics and anger?  


August 2019

Intuitive Astrology Forecast 
By Tanaaz

Welcome to August! August is a brighter, lighter, and more hopeful month with so much fresh inspiration to offer. If we can open our hearts, open our minds, and just allow the Universe to work its magic, we will be able to access so much abundance this month!

August holds the vibration of the number 8, which is powerful in numerology and represents the infinite journey of the soul and the movement between “human” and “being”.

All through the month of August, the cosmos is delivering us opportunities to get in touch with our being, and to elevate and welcome in the fact that we are all intuitive, energetic beings with far more wisdom and knowledge than we give ourselves credit for.

The first dose of fresh opportunity and wisdom comes as we enter the month with the Leo Black Super New Moon and Mercury moving direct shortly after.

Both of these cosmic events will help to relieve some tensions that may have been bubbling through the month of July.

Mercury going direct will also help communication efforts to feel a little smoother and may reveal some important information so you can make more confident and informed decisions moving forward.

Following this, we have the Lionsgate Portal which peaks on August 8th. This 8/8 energy is going to be helping us to elevate and tune in to higher frequency energies so we can receive psychic downloads and access higher realms of consciousness.

Under this energy, it is a great time to visualize and manifest what you would like to bring into your life. It is also a time to honor and recognize your spiritual gifts, and to remember that you are so much more than just a body.

We each come here with a purpose, and part of that purpose is to bring our true authentic nature, our spiritual essence to everything we do.

Part of our purpose is honoring and owning who we are, this musical note of perfection that is our vibration, and then allowing our music to mix and mingle in perfect harmony with the rest of the world.

If you are looking to tap into more of this essence, activating your energy centers or chakras can help. For guidance with this, try my Cosmic Guided Meditation for August.

Following this, we have Jupiter going direct in its ruling sign of Sagittarius on August 11th. If you thought you could celebrate one less planet in retrograde, you won’t be able to because on the same day, Uranus goes retrograde!

Uranus will go retrograde in the sign of Taurus until January 2020. While the effects of this retrograde will be subtle, under this energy we will be guided to reflect on where we need to become more independent and where we need to be more open when it comes to asking for help.

Following this on August 15, we have the Aquarius Full Moon, which also carries this same theme of independence.

Where do we need to assert ourselves and our independence? Where do we need to allow ourselves more freedom? At what point do we allow ourselves to surrender and ask others to help lighten the load we have been carrying?

These are the types of questions this Full Moon may stir for you, but it is still a much lighter and brighter energy than what we experienced in July.

On August 23rd, we say goodbye to Leo Season and move into Virgo Season. This is a Season for health, for healing, and for reflection, it is a season to focus on creating a routine that is both productive yet rooted in self-care.

Out of fiery Leo and into earthy Virgo, we will also feel inspired to ground our energy and to spend time connecting to Mother Nature.

On August 24th, we have the meeting of Mars and Venus. The two celestial lovers are quite busy all through the month but will share a quick kiss before parting ways until they meet again in 2021. This romantic energy will help activate soulmate and twin flame contracts and help us all to awaken our own hearts.

Finally, the month wraps up the way it began, with another New Moon, this time in the sign of Virgo.

This August 30th Virgo New Moon is our last gift for the month and another reminder that it’s time to focus on the fresh new energy that the Universe is offering up.


Important Dates : 

AUGUST (based on South African time zone)

1 Cross quarter day
1 New moon in Leo (05h12)
7 Half moon waxing in Scorpio
15 Full moon in Aquarius (14h29)
23 Sun in Virgo
23 Half moon waning in Gemini
30 New moon in Virgo

See also: Moon Phases

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