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Insight for June 2024            

Welcome dear heart!

We’re almost at the halfway point in this year already! I overheard someone  speaking about making plans for their year end holiday … It’s so uncanny how time seems to have speeded up. Except when you’re doing something that isn’t pleasant or boring! 😊

The article below seems somehow fit for South Africans as we’ve just had our general election and are keenly awaiting the outcome. Hopefully you will find some encouragement of what is to come with this article. Open your hearts to receive more spiritual awakening. Don’t become disheartened when you feel stuck, instead remain constant in your belief that things are working for your highest good, even if you cannot see it as yet!

The Light & Joy Holistic & Craft Fayre will be at the Edenvale Community Centre on Sunday, 2 June, from 10am to 4pm. I’ll be offering 30 minute readings for R350 (cash or immediate EFT) throughout the day.

In the meantime, a boutique market has sprung up which I’ll be attending every few months at 4 Francis Road, Blairgowrie. The dates are marked on the Events page. It has a holistic side, as well as many other interesting stalls.

The Golden Future of Earth

Between 2012 and 2032 Earth is birthing a new fifth-dimensional Golden Age, a period during which everything will radiate a golden aura of love and wisdom. It commences in 2032, and the world will have changed beyond recognition by that time.

It is destined that our planet and everyone on her will be fifth dimensional (or at least at the upper levels of the fourth dimension) by 2032. How we experience this transition is up to us, but Earth itself will ascend fully into the fifth dimension in 2032, whether or not individuals stay for the ride.

If you are reading these words, you have incarnated to help the planet make this transition. It is a responsibility and also a massive opportunity for ascension.
The current period, between 2012 and 2032, is the most important that there has ever been in the history of the planet.

We are at a crucial stage.

Therefore, it is really important to listen to and act on your intuition. Only listen to positive predictions and messages. Give no energy to anything else. Focus on the new and wonderful awaiting you when you arrive at the end of the journey. If you do this, your aura will become more and more golden.

During the 20 years between 2012 and 2032, a metamorphosis will take place.
Some events during this 20-year period are set in stone; for example, the Olympic Games were always going to be held in London in 2012, regardless of how much bidding or competition there was from other cities around the world. London is the Earth Star chakra of Earth, and the energy and excitement of the Olympic Games were needed to activate it, for it is only when this chakra awakens, in an individual or a planet, that the ascension process can start.

Some of your own experiences, too, are predestined. These may include, for example, meeting your partner or travelling to a certain country. If something is preordained, it will happen no matter what. However, your thoughts, actions and visualizations can massively influence your life journey, including your fated relationships and life events.

Currently, your thoughts, attitudes and visualizations are helping to co-create a new Golden Age. When you energize the predictions for the golden future, you are manifesting the new world in the best possible way.

The end of a cycle

Let’s put the significance of the years between 2012 and 2032 into perspective. The year 2012 marked the end of a 26,000-year cosmic era. It was also the end of a cycle of 10 cosmic eras, so it finalized a 260,000-year epoch for all the universes.
A cosmic epoch is sometimes called an out-breath of God, and this is a period of creation. It is followed by a 20-year in-breath of God, when the outmoded collapses and anything that is not working is drawn back to the Godhead. We are in the middle of this stage right now. In 2032 a new outbreath of creation will begin at a frequency higher than before.

For 260,000 years, Earth was part of a fourth-dimensional universe.

However, Earth itself was third-dimensional. Of all the planets in this universe, Earth alone descended to the lower frequency.

During this vast epoch, for 1,500 years, the legendary Golden Era of Atlantis arose like a light in the darkness. In that period, everyone was fifth dimensional and acted for the highest good of all. It was a time of contentment, happiness and extraordinary crystal technology.

Then one powerful mage decided to use his power for his own benefit.

He used it to control others and his lower consciousness spread quickly.
People closed their hearts and became self-centred. The frequency of Atlantis rapidly devolved into the third dimension. Higher beings who were helping had to withdraw, as they could not access such a low vibration. Five chakras containing the gifts of the Atlanteans were withdrawn from humanity. Finally, the Intergalactic Council decided to terminate that period in a great flood.

In the 10,000 years that followed, third-dimensional Earth underwent a new experiment, that of masculine domination.

Why was Earth third-dimensional in a fourth-dimensional universe?

There are two reasons why our planet was out of step with the rest of our universe. The first is that ages ago a call went out from the Intergalactic Council to all the planets to volunteer to host a unique experiment, that of free will. People could choose whether to act from their divine will or their lower one. Throughout the cosmos, nothing like this had ever been considered, and the concept was regarded with awe, wonder and amazement by every being in the universes.

The Council for Planet Earth volunteered for the experiment. Souls daring to incarnate would go through the Veil of Amnesia, forget that they were divine beings and step into the unknown.

Another agreement of the free-will experiment was that every thought and action would be recorded, and if the balance sheet of a lifetime was in debit, the soul agreed to incarnate again to try to balance their karmic account.

Over the years, beings from all over the universes have been watching in awe and amazement the courageous adventurers who have dared to incarnate as humans on Earth. Anyone who enters this planet is considered exceptionally brave. It is regarded as a jungle where you face many challenges to your soul. If you meet a being out in the cosmos who learns that you have been to Earth, they will look at you with respect and admiration!

No one expected those on Earth to sink into self-centred, selfish behaviour, but we did. While the remainder of this universe remained openhearted and fourth-dimensional, the frequency on Earth fell.

The second reason that Earth fell behind is this: in the third dimension, your solar plexus chakra sends out feelers to watch for danger, and through this psychic centre you also absorb the fears of others. Because Earth is the cosmic solar plexus chakra, our planet is absorbing the fears of the entire universe. We have had to transmute these, and this has held us back.

Because we have lagged behind, we are attracting an extraordinary amount of help from the universe during the birth of the new Golden Age. It is as if the baby being birthed has got stuck and needs extra assistance.

Great Illumined Beings, angelic beings and wise ones are focusing their light and energy on Earth now. We can ask them for help to birth the new according to divine timing.

The 20 years between 2012 and 2032 are unique in the history of our planet. There has never been an experience or opportunity like this. You have incarnated now to help birth a fifth-dimensional Golden Age in an entirely new cosmic cycle.

The time-frame

The preparations for the end of one era and the beginning of the next are similar to those of leaving one house and moving to a bigger one. Planning, deciding what to throw away and what to take, packing and organizing the new home all commence well before the move itself. The timeline for Earth, starting before 2012, is as follows.

1987: The Harmonic Convergence
On 25 August 1987, a planetary alignment activated a 25-year period of purification to prepare for 2012. In order to facilitate this, the Violet Flame of Transmutation was returned for our use by St Germain, working with Archangel Zadkiel.

This year marked the predestined end of an out-breath of God. This was the conclusion of 10 cycles of cosmic eras, a 260,000-year period. At 11.11 on 21.12.2012, there was a divine pause, known as the Cosmic Moment. Source energy touched the heart of every being on Earth, and on every planet, star or  galaxy in this and every other universe.

In that instant, an in-breath of God was triggered throughout the cosmos and a 20-year passage to a higher frequency commenced. Every planet, star and galaxy in this and every other universe started to ascend to a higher dimension and a new cosmic epoch was initiated.

At the same moment, 33 cosmic portals throughout the planet carrying Christ Light started to open, radiating high-frequency energies in order to prepare the world for the new Golden Age. Many other portals and pyramids also awoke.

From the Cosmic Moment, this entire universe was given 20 years to clear out anything associated with the lower vibration and embrace the fifth dimension.

Because we on Earth were behind-hand, for the reasons I have mentioned, we had only 20 years to make a double-dimensional shift from the third to the fifth  dimension. Nothing like this had ever happened before, and a concentrated programme began!

In 2017, the cleansing of the planet was stepped up. It was decreed that this would be done by the elements, so flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes and wildfires intensified for five years. This was to clear the pockets of negativity, free the ley lines and dissolve the karma that had been preventing us from connecting with the pure vitality of Earth.


This was the last year of major purification, so the incidences of extreme action by the elements should calm down now. The Turkey–Syria earthquake in early 2023 is destined to be the last devastating earthquake.

The old third-dimensional paradigm will finally collapse and, despite quite a bit of chaos, a more optimistic feeling will spread. We are to start drawing up clean energy, as well as the love of Lady Gaia, through the soles of our feet as we walk. This will massively change how we feel.

In 2022, a period of controlling Saturn’s dominance ended and the more bountiful and expansive Jupiter became more influential. As citizens everywhere realized how we had been manipulated, people power and mass unrest started to change the balance of control on the planet.

Between 2023 and 2032 the world will start to look towards the new Golden Age. Fresh ideas and plans will be put into place by the people for the people.

In 2032 a new blueprint will be activated for the entire universe that will enable the next Golden Age to reach an even higher frequency than the Golden Age of Atlantis.

The population of Earth

The optimum population of Earth is 2 billion. Currently there are 8 billion. There is a spiritual reason for this mass influx of souls. Because this is the end of a 260,000-year cosmic period, Source granted a dispensation to allow all those with karma outstanding to return now to try to complete it.

Millions of souls with heavy karmic debts to repay have taken advantage of this opportunity. However, when we enter Earth and go through the Veil of Amnesia, we forget our origins and divine connection. We also forget our soul contract and life mission. Many of those who have returned to try to atone for their previous misdeeds have forgotten this and are now causing problems as they fall back into their old ways.

At the same time, millions of lightworkers have incarnated in order to birth the awesome Golden Age.

The aim of every lightworker is to help as many people as possible to ascend to the light during this crucial period.

Gaia will be fully fifth-dimensional by 2032, regardless of people’s decisions and actions. People who have not awakened spiritually and opened their hearts by that date will choose to return to the inner planes or move to another third-dimensional plane where they can continue to experience drama. There will be a big decline in population.

The children incarnating for the new Golden Age will be of a much higher frequency, ready to take our planet to previously unexplored heights.

~Diana Cooper~


Next month I’ll be touching on “Impatience” and how to deal with waiting for what you’ve prayed for and things not working out for you. While you’re in the situation it can be extremely difficult to maintain an upbeat manner. In fact, you might even start pushing people away from you as you struggle through an uncertain time.

Wishing you all the best for the month of June.
Until soon …

Much love and blessings


Angel Oracle Card Reading 
for June 2024

using Messages from your Angels Oracle Cards

Merlina: You are confused and indecisive because you do not have enough information. Do research or seek expert advice before making a decision.

You may find yourself confused and don’t know which way to turn. If the decision is overwhelming and fills you with anxiety, take a step back and delay making a choice. Do some research about the company if you’re looking at a new position, a country if you’re looking to immigrate, a project you wish to undertake, etc., and ask trusted friends for advice. Draw up a list of pros and cons.

At the same time, ask God and the angels to help you with making a decision. Ask them to bring people and signs across your path that will help you reach a conclusion. You may even ask them to reveal to you what you are not seeing. Then go within and intuitively ask yourself – does the answer I’m seeking bring a flutter of excitement into my body, or do I feel my body is recoiling from my decision?

When you’ve looked at the situation from all angles, trust the answers you’ve received. Perhaps it’s time to follow your idea, but it needs a little “twerking” to get it just right!

Isaiah: It is a good time to give birth to new ideas and situations in your life. I am watching over you and guiding you, and protecting you during these changes.

While this card may indicate a pregnancy, it also has another meaning of giving life to a new idea, project or situation.

Following on from the Merlina card above, you may find yourself ready to make changes and are starting a new creative project or idea. This card validates that the time is now. Your guardian angel is around you, guiding and protecting you, and the angels want you to know that there’s nothing to fear as you move forward with your new idea.

You are ripe with new possibilities, and you feel an urgency to push into new territory. Beloved one, your new and exciting life changes are inevitable. However, there’s no need to rush. This is a time of incubation. Be assured that changes in your life will hatch at just the right moment.

Astara: You deserve the best! Reach for the stars with your dreams and desires, and don’t compromise.

In the past, you may have settled for less than you wanted. But no more. God and the angels are with you to help raise your standards. They are also here to show you that you need not suffer in any way. It isn't selfish to desire a better life. The more that you recieve, the more you are able to give to others. When you allow Spirit to give to you, you're also supplied with all of the necessary tools for your life's purpose. You also inspire others when you show that the spiritual path gives you all of the support you could ever need.

God and the angels want you to enjoy your life. Happiness is a holy part of your divine mission. Whatever they can do to bring joy and peace into your life, please ask. They have noticed a reluctance on your part to ask for help. Perhaps you have felt that you didn't deserve good, or that you would be taking away from someone else if you received our help. Yet God only knows abundance, and humans are the only ones who believe in scarcity. This card is a reminder that God and the angels can only intervene if you request their help.


Astro-Insight for June 2024
by Kathy Biehl

Everyone’s got something to say this June. Listening, on the other hand, is not so common. Attentions are short, and so much is competing for them. Sitting still is rare. Everyone’s juggling. At least good moods are prevalent, and the ability to crack jokes about the flurry that life is becoming.

Welcome to the first full month in 12 years of Jupiter in chatty, changeable Gemini.
It’s a noticeable shift from May, when a pile-up in Taurus fixed us on practical, worldly concerns. Gemini is light and fast-moving energy, encouraging minds and bodies to be all over the place, and often several places at once.

Jupiter’s flight through Gemini will whip up talk and information, raise the noise and static level, amplify duplicity and trickery and invite not taking everything so seriously.

Appropriately, communication reflects this … let’s call it flexibility, as Gemini’s ruler Mercury goes through a few distinctive changes of clothes. After his recent retrograde doubled his time in Aries, the messenger god is back to the speed he prefers, top, and dashing through three signs, and three modes of expression, in June – from earthbound Taurus to high-flying Gemini to touchy-feely Cancer. Don’t like the way conversations are going? Cool your jets; they’ll go differently soon enough.

And yet, it’s not all froth, and definitely not all superficial. We go into this with a stark and unavoidable reminder of how high the stakes are. Jupiter’s aggrandizing properties meet with the laser focus of Pluto on June 2. The trine simultaneously escalates the emergence of secrets, power games and feral, nonrational forces that lurk in our cells and psyches, and also scales back Jupiter’s excesses (and Gemini’s potential for superficiality).

The brush with Pluto christens Jupiter’s entire year in the sign and directs his tendencies to topics of great importance – which may be so for decades to come. That’s because the trine is also part of Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius, where he will be, except for a brief return to Capricorn from September to mid-November, into 2044.

The communication shift happens immediately. Mercury’s action models the process that will occur multiple times this month: a planet encountering Neptune’s dissolving, reality-bending properties on the way out of a sign, then reshaping and refocusing after meeting Pluto’s scalpel just inside the door to the next sign.

Compassion, inspiration and a sprinkling of fool’s gold are on offer when Mercury sextiles Neptune June 2. Jawbones and texting fingers get moving when he enters Gemini the next day, and promptly zeroes in on truths – and facilitates candid, powerful exchanges.

He’s trining Pluto and meeting Jupiter on June 4. Mark June 4-6 as Gemini days on your calendar, because the sign is center stage, with not just Mercury and Jupiter in Gemini, but also the New Moon conjunct Venus. The Chatterbox Cafe will be SRO, with pals whipping up ideas for day trips and the future.

Obligations and responsibilities force us to scale back some of the activity, as Venus, then the Sun and finally Mercury square off with Saturn and his demands for order and maturity (June 8, 9 and 12).

Meanwhile, how we go about things is undergoing change. Motivations and actions teem with uncomfortable undercurrents, as if someone’s lying or fooling themselves, when Mars encounters friction from Neptune June 8. The discomfort dissolves some of his recklessness and opens him to the appeal of good old terra firma, when the planet of push enters Taurus June 9. His first task is squaring Pluto, on June 11; the clash scales our agendas back to the most important and far-reaching.

Mental clarity follows. No matter what else may be happening (and no matter how many personalities we may be hosting), we get a handle on ourselves at the Sun/Mercury conjunction June 14.

The social vibe goes from pal-ing around to looking for our teddy bears, human and plush, mid month. Relationships, values and creativity lose distance and contours when Venus squares Neptune June 16 and pre-soaks relationships for the emotions coming when she slips into Cancer the next day.

Nurturing comes to the fore when Venus is in this sign. Her love language is food, and cuddles, and making the home front comfy cozy. As she settles in, our minds and conversations are following right behind. They dissolve into fantasy and forgiveness and magical thinking, when Mercury squares Neptune and then dives into Cancer himself and meets Venus there, all on June 17 as well.

Relationships and info channels seesaw between extremes when Mercury and Venus make adjustment aspects to Pluto June 17 and 18. Intensity is inescapable, and the solution may just be to simplify.

The Sun then joins the transition, pre-soaking with a square to Neptune and then entering Cancer on the 20th. That’s the solstice, with Mercury, Venus and the Sun snuggling up together and, in the Northern Hemisphere, ushering in the Summer of Love. Not flower power, not romantic, but nurturing, home-and-family-focused, taking-care-of-dear-ones love.

The Cancer cluster waters the hard edges of the Capricorn Full Moon June 21, reminding us of why (and for whom) we work hard. It has the support of an action-facilitating trine from Mars, which in turn enjoys a sextile from Mercury, opening doors to hands-on communication. Venus follows suit June 29 with a sextile to Mercury, offering moments of tender talk.

Meanwhile, personal tweaks and reworkings are in order, when the Sun inconjuncts Pluto June 22. Where or what might you purge or release?

Mercury takes the lead as the month rolls out. Communication may have been all over the place for most of June, but control over the information flow unfolds naturally with Mercury’s trine to Saturn June 26. Ideas firm; expressions of love and concern lead to commitment and feeling secure.

The timing is right to speak your heart. Mercury’s sextile to Uranus closes the month with unexpected openings, unexpected outpourings, and unexpected suggestions. They add emotional content and ballast to the Jupiterian excess our minds, mouth and ears have been enjoying.

It’s not all milk and cookies, of course. Lightning hitting water may trigger discomfort, crabbiness and tears. Proceed with gentleness and tenderness, and direct some of that to yourself. And if your inner child wants ice cream, who’s to say that isn’t the most comforting response?


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