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April 2019

Intuitive Astrology Forecast 
By Tanaaz

As we turn the calendar into April we are going to feel like something has shifted. We are going to feel open and energized, we are going to feel that life has taken a new turn.

The first week of April is a wonderful, positive time of new beginnings and opportunity. In fact, there is so much abundance on offer all through the month of April and the best time to take advantage of it is around the Aries New Moon.

The Aries New Moon falls on the 5th and is one of the most powerful for setting intentions, manifesting, and tapping into abundance! This is a great time to think about what energy you want to bring into your life and what you wish to manifest throughout the rest of the year.

Really take the time to get clear about what you want, really take the time to lift your vibration and expand your mindset so you can achieve and create all that you desire.

This is also a wonderful time to get organized when it comes to your finances. If you want to save for that trip, buy your dream home, or just have a little extra cash to spend, this is a great time to work on tapping into the abundance of the Universe.

Attracting money is really a mindset. While it always helps to take practical steps to save and manage your finances, on an emotional level stepping out of a scarcity mindset and trusting that you will always have enough can be a huge help.

This month, watch your thoughts around money. Are you constantly living in fear of not having enough? If so, try to change this way of thinking. Try to practice gratitude and trust and believe that no matter what, you will always have enough.

You can also try reprogramming your mind by reciting some abundance mantras which you will find in my book, My Pocket Mantras.

In April, we also have a few of the outer planets turning retrograde. We don’t notice these retrograde planets as much as they tend to move slowly. They also only work on a subconscious level, so unless we are really tuned in, we tend to not notice the effects.

The first of these retrogrades happen on April 10th with Jupiter turning retrograde, a few weeks later on the 24th, Pluto follows, and Saturn joins in too on the 29th.

These planets will be in retrograde for the next few months and while we may not feel the effects directly, they are going to be working behind the scenes for a big cosmic show that will happen in 2020.

I have more information on this energy in my Yearly Cosmic Forecast Video, but essentially, these planets are going to be preparing us for a huge awakening moment that we will feel on both a personal and global level.

Huge shifts are in the works in 2020, and these retrograding planets are going to be busy preparing and getting into alignment so everything can fall into place.

Under this energy, we may feel like we are preparing for something too. We may feel called to peel back the layers and really question how we have been choosing to live.

These retrograding planets will also cause the energy of the cosmos to slow, and we may feel the need to revisit certain things or find that unresolved issues come back up to the surface in order to be cleared for good.

On April 19th we have another Full Moon in the sign of Libra. This Full Moon will work in tandem with the Libra Full Moon of March, so think back to this time to see what you are being called to let go of or resolve.

There may be some heated tension surrounding this Full Moon, so be sure to think before speaking and look before leaping, especially when it comes to your relationships.

If you notice a certain relationship has been strained lately, you may have to decide whether it is time to cut the cords or to finally take that healing journey together.

You may also feel the need to change your own attitudes towards your relationships and reconsider how you are choosing to treat others or how you are allowing others to treat you.

Setting boundaries  in our relationships are so important, but there is often a fine line that is hard to navigate.

How do we stand up for ourselves and assert our truth without hurting others? How do we set boundaries with others without feeling guilty?

All of these can be challenging things to navigate, so watch and see what guidance or support the Full Moon brings your way.

Full Moons have the tendency to illuminate things, so if there is something that needs to be addressed in one or more of your relationships, it is likely that this Libra Full Moon will bring it to your attention.

Just a day after the Full Moon on the 20th, we enter into Taurus Season. This will definitely bring a shift from the fiery energy of Aries Season and will help us to get grounded.

Towards the end of the month, use this slower, earthy Taurus energy to take some time to relax and recharge. Perhaps take a short trip somewhere or make it a point to develop a new routine that allocates time for doing more of the things that you love.

The last significant date for April falls on the 22nd with the meeting of the Sun and Uranus.

Uranus just moved into the sign of Taurus and on this day we are going to start to understand and unpack more of what this new planetary shift will bring.

As Uranus and the Sun align for the day, the Sun will be able to download wisdom and insights, and shower all of us with what it has learned.

Pay attention to what happens around this date, as it is likely to give you clues as to what themes Uranus in Taurus are likely to bring.

Overall, April is a fiery month with opportunities to manifest, mend, and become more mindful of where we are heading and who we are choosing to surround ourselves with. 


Important Dates : 

APRIL (based on South African time zone)

5 New moon in Aries (10h50)
12 Half moon waxing in Cancer
19 Full moon in Libra (13h12)
20 Sun in Taurus
27 Half moon waning in Aquarius 

See also: Moon Phases


Angel Reading for April 2019

Reading using the Soul Lessons & Soul Purpose Oracle Cards
of Sonia Choquette

You’re encouraged to step away from people or situations which bring unnecessary drama into your life. Life in itself doesn’t always flow easily, and when unnecessary drama finds its way through the door, then things can become more complicated. There’s nothing wrong with lending an ear to a friend in need and offering some sound advice, however, when you become embroiled in matters that initially were no concern of yours, it adds pressure and negativity to an already overloaded mindset. Become the observer and learn to let go with grace, that which no longer serves you. 

Refine your priorities list from time to time to help declutter your mind. This helps to refine your attention and keeps you on track, especially when it comes to your intuition. You will find that with a clearer mind you are able to make more sound judgments and it will help open up the channel of communication with the higher realms. By keeping your attention on positive thoughts, positive outcomes, this also helps when it comes to drawing happier circumstances and realising dreams faster. In other words, be mindful of thoughts as those are the rudder of the soul! 

Take the lead in your own life – it’s time to realise that you are worthy of greater things. Speak your truth, set those boundaries, stand in your power … What is it that makes you happy? What is holding you back? Your mind is a powerful tool and it can be used to determine greater things for YOU. Learn how to use it wisely. When your heart and your head is aligned, you stand in integrity. Don’t allow the negativity of the world to determine your future. Set your goals and ask the angels for help on a daily basis to keep a positive mindset, to fill you with grace, and help you with your life’s purpose. 



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