Access Energetic Facelift 

Reverse Ageing with the Access Energetic Facelift

Beyond Botox: The Access Energetic Facelift™

What if you could be, look and feel younger WITHOUT injecting botulism, surgery or doing other invasive uncomfortable procedures to your body?

Using energies of Access Consciousness, it is possible to lift and rejuvenate your whole body with soft, soothing touch on your face and neck. The Access facial is a wonderful way to revitalise the face and neck, and reverse the appearance of aging on the face. It creates similar effects throughout the body on a cellular level. During the session your muscles being to release, your skin begins to rejuvenate, energetic blocks being to dissipate and you experience deep relaxation.

The results are more than skin deep. An Energetic Facelift releases the points of view you have about aging (ageing = wrinkles, sagging, everyone ages, etc.) and helps to release energy that has been locked up by your emotions and stress. This is what actually shows up on our faces as wrinkles and lines.

The Access Facelift has been provided professionally in spas, massage practices, anti-aging centres, plastic surgeons’ offices, and wellness centres worldwide. Now you can experience this convenient way to grow younger with ease, joy and glory when you contact me for a private session.

Are you ready to be pampered? What’s holding you back from receiving all of life?

Those who have experienced an Access Energetic Face Lift not only look younger, they feel great …it is one of the most relaxing experiences you can imagine for your entire body!

Is Now The Time?

People who have received this process have reported it is like having a life lift, with more energy, stability and clarity. How does it get any better than that?® And if you can notice the difference from just one session, imagine what it would be like if you had more than one?

What clients have noticed after receiving a process:

·        Lessening of lines and wrinkles

·        Improved eyesight

·        Firming and toning of facial muscles and overall skin

·        Healing of and reversal of the scarring process

·        Healthier skin and overall appearance

·        Possibilities for your life showing up better than you may have ever imagined!

What it doesn't involve... 
These are the things that this relaxing process doesn't involve:

·        No surgical procedure

·        No injections, peels or drugs

·        No recovery time

·        No facial exercises

·        No creams or products to buy or use

·        No lengthy consultations and No risk

What will happen in a session?

The process itself is very relaxing and some clients find they sleep through most of it.  For the entire session you will be laying down, face up (fully clothed), and for the first part with your hands by your sides (not touching) for the first part. You will be covered by a blanket because, like most energy therapies and processes, the body temperature can fluctuate during a session.

Similar to Access Bars®, the session will begin by me pulling energy through your body (from feet to head). What happens next is I will be holding my hands in various positions working from the neck up to the top of the head, whilst allowing the energy process to "do its thing" on your body.

The session will last for around 60 minutes during which you can either talk to me, or just close your eyes and relax.. and even fall asleep. One thing I've noticed from each session I give is that, at the end of the session, the clients are incredibly relaxed and have a sense of space about them. This will make more sense once you've received a treatment and have experienced it for yourself.

What is your investment for a session?

 For 60 minute session, the investment is R400.