Christ Consciousness - Symptoms and Energies

Included in Angels Haven Spiritual Digest 9 - October 2014

This month I wish to deviate from the usual section of Angel Answers by Diana Cooper and touch instead on the topic of the Christ Consciousness that is coming in quite strongly, the symptoms associated with it, and what energies we are currently dealing with.

I have also taken the time to explain a little about Ascension, and for those who are unfamiliar with the Christ Consciousness, it is the energy that has been coming into the earth for many years now.

 Recently it was laid on my heart to let you know why things are happening in the world. So many people are asking questions about their existence and their life paths, and where they are from, and so many also want to leave … It is such a poignant moment in our lives.

 As written in Diana Cooper’s book : Transition to the Golden Age in 2032 -
“2012 marked the end of a 260 000-year cosmic era on Earth. It was an incredibly important time because new energies entered the planet and huge vibrational shifts took place in that year. Nearly 7 billion souls had been given permission to incarnate so that they have the opportunity to experience the challenges available to accelerate their spiritual growth. A vast number of them will return to spirit before 2032 to share their experiences with their home planets.”

We are going through exceptional exciting and magical times. 2012 also marked the start of ascension of all the universes. From 2012 to 2032 there will be a 20 year transition with each of the twelve universes moving to a faster frequency. Earth was in a third-dimensional state and is currently moving into the fifth-dimensional frequency and it needs to be completed by 2032. We will need to raise our frequencies during this time. The journey into the higher dimensions is known as the Ascension process.

The Ascension process is the transformation/union of the physical body, light body and the consciousness in order to hold a higher vibrational state. This means that your cellular structure is changing to be able to hold a higher frequency within the physical body. The Ascension process is unique to each individual and not everyone will choose to ascend at the same time. We are not participating in a race against each other.

There are those souls who will be unable to maintain a higher dimensional energy, who may move to at least a fourth-dimensional energy but then they will choose to leave. They will either return to their home planet in another universe or if they are from this universe, they will move to the inner planes for further education.

By the same token, many fourth and fifth-dimensional souls will also have the yearning to “go home” as they can be of more assistance from there.

As a result there will be many souls who leave as they will feel they have learnt all they needed to here on Earth. In the past months I have personally been told by many - lightworkers and spiritual people, and unenlightened people - that they feel they have had enough and would like to leave, although they don’t have the depressed urge to “do the deed”. On occasion I have felt the same way.

As the Earth changes her frequency during the shift, the physical beings who live on her surface must also vibrate at the same frequency in order to exist / survive. Since the Earth is raising her vibrational frequency, so we need to do so too. Dimensions are based on frequency: the higher the frequency, the higher the dimensional level.

We (humans) have a carbon-based structure. A carbon-based structure cannot exist in a higher dimension so we will need to change to become a crystalline structure. Only a crystalline substance can exist in the higher dimensions – they vibrate at a higher frequency than carbon can.

This is where the Christ Consciousness comes in. It is the return of the divine HU-man (God-man), the crystalline consciousness, which is becoming embodied in our physical selves. It will allow us to vibrate at a higher level and embodies all the attributes of love, compassion, forgiveness, joy, peace … It is YOU, it is part of YOU as it’s happening WITHIN YOU, with the support of God / the Universe, call it what you wish, and it is a beautiful process. Yes, I can hear some of you asking, what has this to do with Christ?

Christ is the energy of all-encompassing compassion; the ability to identify what another soul is going through without taking on the drama; having the peace, joy and love that we strive for; love, light, healing. As you ascend on your spiritual path, so you too will have the attributes of the many Christs who walked the Earth, e.g. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Horus, Heracles, Odysseus, Dionysus. Of course, if you were brought up in a Christian home, you will be familiar with Jesus. It is this energy that is returning to the Earth, not the man in human form, but the Christ energy that will be instilled in each and every one who evolves on this journey.

This crystalline embodiment has never been done before and with the change in frequency there will of course be many challenges. At the moment there is a huge acceleration of energy coming through. Everything on Earth has to evolve, including the oceans, and the plant and animal kingdoms. We are all progressing together. During this process it is also wise to be aware of the symptoms involved which will assist your own process, as well as that of others.

Energetic adjustments are being made to integrate the new frequency into your body. Some people are very aware of the symptoms, while others may not be aware of them at all. Many of the adjustments will be diagnosed, or mis-diagnosed and medicated into suppression, however, it will cause disharmony as the energy has to go somewhere else, and symptoms will arise in other parts of the body. If you are aware of your Ascension symptoms you will recognise them as a wake-up call. If you cannot confirm your symptoms, it is wiser to check with a doctor or healer if you are not comfortable.

Below is a list of the basic symptoms which may appear from time to time. Remember, it is not the same for everyone, everyone is going at their own pace – it is not a race. There are a lot of energetic and physical adjustments happening to your body.

Basic symptoms:

·              Changing sleep patterns: restlessness, night sweats, waking up two or three times a night

·              Feeling tired after you wake up and sleepy during the day

·              Waking up between 3am – 4am and staying awake, getting by on less sleep

·              Periods of overwhelming fatigue (often being misdiagnosed)

·              Change in eating habits: strange cravings, occasional increase or decrease in appetite, new allergies to certain foods

·              Blurred or foggy vision, seeing shimmering objects, glittery particles, flashes of light

·              Hearing: audio dyslexia, hearing strange voices

·              Ascension tinnitus: ringing in the ears: not the “someone’s talking about me” ring. White noise with beeps, tones, music or electronic patterns

·              Vibrational flu: high temperatures, night sweats, aching bones and joints neck pains, flu-like symptoms

·              Occasional sinus issues: sneeze attacks, runny nose or sore throat that is not a cold or allergy

·              Mental confusion: difficulty concentrating

·              Itching, vibrating, prickling, tingling, stinging or crawling sensations

·              Energy rushes or sensations of electricity circulating the body

·              Involuntary bodily movements: muscle spasms, jerking, tremors, shaking; feeling an inner force pushing one’s body around (this is often misdiagnosed)

·              Feeling the whole body vibrate: similar to earthquake sensations, especially at night or in a relaxed state

·              Headaches, pressure in the skull

·              Numbness or pain in the limbs: sometimes diagnosed as fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus

·              Loss of muscular power in hands, caused by changes in circulation system

·              Pains and blockages: often in the back and neck

·              Heart palpitations and fluttering: opening of the heart chakra, clearings

·              High heart flutters: high center of chest flutters are the opening of the high heart chakra

·              Enhanced senses of smell, touch, and/or taste.

·              Occasional breathing difficulties: bronchitis in severe cases

·              Immune and lymphatic system changes: glandular flare-ups

·              Digestive system changes

·              Depression for no reason: feelings of loss or isolation

·              Tension, anxiety or stress: sensing something is going on

·              Dizziness: losing balance, feeling like your body is swirling

·              Vivid dreams, violent or dramatic dreams. ET dreams

·              Emotional outbursts or mood swings

·              Weight gain, typically around the belly (Buddha belly)

This is a list that I obtained off the internet and have experienced many of them, along with fellow lightworkers.

And then just to add to it, once you have gone through the first round of Ascension symptoms, you are faced with the Accelerated Ascension Symptoms, including challenging situations:

·              Triple digits: every time you glance at a digital clock it has double or triple digits. 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 8:55 (just glanced, there it is), etc. All. day. long. This can be fun or maddening depending on your perspective. It’s just the higher levels saying “hello” or “pay attention”.

·              Breaking free from restrictive jobs, lifestyles, disharmonious people or situations. Sometimes it is conscious, sometimes your higher self will do it for you.

·              Desire to simplify belongings, lifestyle, habits

·              Heightened awareness, mystical experiences, increased synchronicity

·              Breaking the false membrane between the solar plexus and heart center. You’ll know when it occurs.

·              Feelings of tremendous joy, love and compassion: when the lower and higher chakras begin to unite

·              Full-on Kundalini risings: bliss-gasms become a regular occurrence

·              Skin eruptions: occasional unusual rashes, bumps – purification of emotion, toxins, imbalances

·              Beings in your peripheral vision; floating veils, shadowy figures, white objects

·              Seeing particles of light all the time

·              Seeing auras or vortexes of energy around plants, animals, people

·              Episodes of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance

·              White noise, ringing, electronic-type noise or tones in the ears becomes more intense, sensing messages within the sounds

·              Creativity bursts: receiving creative inspirations at an overwhelming rate

·              Impatience: You want to get on with the process faster than your body can adjust. It’s just your mind, pay attention to what is holding you back from experiencing more. Sometimes the impatience itself is the block.

·              Teachers start to appear to assist you on your journey: people, movies, books, events, Mother Earth, Father Sun, Star family

·              Consuming interest in self-knowledge and creativity: expressing one’s true nature in work and play

·              Deeper understanding of spiritual truths

·              Higher perspective becomes habitual: compassion for all journeys, honouring all paths

·              Third eye opening, clarifying

·              Akashic access: understanding your past journeys here, seeing the lessons

·              Journeys in meditation become intense and purposeful: crystalline cities, geometry, gridwork, stargate travel

·              Feeling the Observer or Witness consciousness, separation from 3D constructs

·              Desire to serve from the heart

·              Deep understanding of Mother Earth and Humanity’s journey

·              Desire for mastery of your consciousness

This is also a list obtained from the internet. If you Google Ascension symptoms you will find that the lists are similar.

Remember you are holding so much more energy than you are used to. Your body is being attuned. The DNA structure is also being activated and changing. You will need more sleep initially to cope with all of this and as your body becomes aligned it will need shorter sleep periods and you will find that you can exist on so much less.

Your eating habits will also change as you become more crystalline in that you will soon drop red meat from your diet, and will crave more fruit and vegetables. You will choose food without chemicals and additives. Eventually you won’t need to eat very much at all. Your body will evolve into a light body with less and less need for physical food to sustain it. Your energy levels will come directly from Source / God.

You have the ability to tune into this energy now, but many of you are not aware of it. 

Once you have ascended to the higher frequency you will be free of all the aches and pains, your awareness will be heightened and your perception of things acute. You will no longer be tired or fatigued. You will still be able to take recuperative measures when necessary and your environment will also lend itself to re-energising you. Your body will be the original blueprint it was meant to be.

Now I wish to address another issue which is so important as well, and that is while we are experiencing all of the exciting times, the more lightwork that we do will also expose us to a myriad of unpleasant attacks from the darker energies who are panicking as more light is coming in. This is inevitable, however, it does not make things easier for those working in light and integrity. We will be faced with more and more difficult challenges. Before we have reached a certain stage in our Ascension, we have to go through completing our karma and that is difficult enough. Then when our karma is caught up and we experience instant karma (believe me, you will recognise it when you have reached this step *smile*), and we learn how to cope and how to handle challenges head on so that they don’t re-occur (yes, we are initiated and tested) there are the other things that come against us.

This is not to say that everything coming against us is from the dark side, sometimes we are part of someone else’s lesson and we are a bystander, caught up in the whirlwind of the storm. It does not mean that when things go wrong that you are being punished for wrong-doing or that you brought this on through evil thoughts. Life happens. Accidents happen. People do not need to avoid you in case they catch what you’ve got!

It is HOW we react to each challenge and what choices we make that will determine the outcome. We need to realise that we are not victims, we have the power to withstand everything and with the Divine on our side we will pull through and face those challenges and experience a re-birth. In the moment we make the decisions that suit us and are best in the circumstances. We need to keep a calm and even keel in all circumstances. It is sometimes such a difficult road to travel. It is only at the end that we realise why things happened the way they did … When we have reached that Ascension stage, filled with the Christ Consciousness, fully infused with it, then we will have the infinite knowledge of what the plan of our predestined path is – the one we individually chose before we returned to Earth in this lifetime.

Being a lightworker isn’t without challenges. In the past few weeks I have been faced with so many that at times I felt I was heading for a breakdown.

I found an interesting blog written by James Gilliland which reinforces current issues we are facing:

"A word of warning: There are many grounded incarnates making less-than-pure choices in the awakened collective right now. Those choosing to house entities who desire to disturb those on the path are getting stimulated by the interference programs. Disconnect from these persons and programs quickly, cut the cords, and move on. They aim for the emotions, and are rampant in the spiritual/awakening circles right now. It is a side-effect of revelation frequencies for folks to be confused and attack others. No judgment on their choices – just ignore them rather than getting entangled in their dramas.

Stay focused, Stay Light

“In this New Light it is imperative to get clear and stay focused on your desires; the nine energies assist these free-will choices in order to further unify the Higher and Lower Self. To utilize them properly, follow the creator guidelines:

1. Firmly set your intentions with visualization, feeling and light-grounding (physical reflection of the intent),

2. Align all of your activities, feelings and thoughts with your intentions,

3. Directly confront every moment of fear, emotion, entanglement with the old light,

4. Consciously choose to operate from your Higher Self perspective; engage your Mastery consciousness. You build new pathways in parts of the brain which have been inactive, and it does take conscious awareness to bridge the worlds of your old and new operating systems.

“It takes very little effort with this new light to manifest a new feeling, a new thought, a new behaviour or activity to replace the old patterns. Practice this until it becomes the new habit.

“Realize that some Starseeds/Lightworkers/Lightwarriors/Indigos have intimate and repeated battles with Team Dark and many do not, and both situations are normal. Starseeds who experience close hand-to-hand combat with Team Dark do so NOT because they did anything “wrong”; NOT because they weren’t feeling enough “love”; NOT because some were “better” than others; NOT because they’ve been in their subconscious basements and are projecting it on others, or any other such incorrect type of thinking and awareness. And the Starseeds who don’t experience repeated attacks from Team Dark haven’t done anything “wrong” either! 

“These negative attacks happen to some Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos because it’s part of the Ascension Process of Alchemically transmuting, transforming duality and what we’ve come to call “negativity” into a higher frequency. It’s Alchemically transformed back to a neutral state and then becomes “unified” and exists in a higher frequency range and state. Do not feel guilty if you have or if you have not experienced attacks and battles with Team Dark, or that you have to or don’t have to protect yourself against them. We all do what we’re here now to do; it’s just that some of us have to wear more “work related protective gear” than others is all. But, no matter what, always be careful please and protect yourself if and whenever you feel you need to.

“People are going to act out their wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experience. Some will become the observer and detach; others will be projecting, blaming and doing unconscious, even cruel acts you never thought they were capable of. In truth, some are really not capable of such acts on their own yet they have openings, an unhealed past that allows other unseen negative influences to take over. 

“When this happens, the only way out is to learn how to heal unseen negative influences, set firm boundaries and cut any cords keeping you attached to those affected. There are serpent energies or beings, greys, reptilians, and some, what you would call demonic beings, which are using the light workers for target practice. They are trying to create as much chaos, pain and suffering possible because this insures their world will continue.

“They also feed off the lower vibrational energies such as anger, sadness, sorrow, fear, guilt unworthiness etc. Before, they could only hook you through the first three chakras – survival, sex and power – yet now they use those closest to you, friends, family and lovers to hit you in the heart.

“There is a war for souls happening and your soul sits right next to the heart. To shut it down, shut down the ability to love, knowing love is the ultimate power in the universe, is one of the best weapons these unseen negative influences have to try to stop the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth.

“Many friends, family and lovers, those who are deeply wounded or do not have the inner awareness, strength, moral character and self-authority to fend off these intrusions, are acting out their old wounds, traumas, and wrong conclusions from past experiences. This includes the lower vibrational desires of the unseen negative influences. This is why you are seeing so many relationships ending, insane behaviour, and wounded egos acting out in ways unthinkable to most.

“We cannot blame others for being weak, allowing themselves to be influenced, or for many of the behaviours which are often totally out of character, yet they have to take responsibility for their choices and actions which opened the door to these influences.

“This includes the lack of interest in addressing their own wounds, traumas, wrong conclusions from past experiences, choosing an ego driven life, focusing primarily on outer appearances and material acquisition.

“The imbalance of external focus versus internal focus, and not choosing to heal as a priority, is often the problem and can create the opening for these unseen negative influences. Unhealed childhood trauma, abuse, abandonment issues seem to be a common denominator as well as past life choices to engage and work with the darker forces.

“These all are often the openings used by unseen negative influences to destroy relationships. As if not addressing and healing our own patterns is not enough, adding these unseen negative influences in the mix makes one big disaster waiting to happen. This includes the implants by regenerate greys and reptilians used to broadcast their psychopathic behaviour into the mix.

“It is all about consciousness and there is a war in consciousness. Holding to the universal principles and understandings necessary for a healthy society and relationship is essential in the days to come. Holding to the basics of treating others how you would like to be treated, being honest, kind, loving, caring, serving others, opens the doors to higher unseen positive influences as does prayer and meditation done properly.

“Whenever we become trapped in the desires of the ego and the outer world, become self-absorbed, selfish, not caring about how our choices and actions affect others, we open the door to the unseen negative influences. These influences will often support and act out these patterns of behaviour through those unconscious of their unhealed patterns and the influences of these unseen negative influences.

“It is hard to believe that there are forces that care nothing for life, humanity, or the Earth, and actually live off the chaos, pain and suffering – yet one only has to look at the condition of society, the environment, the wars, diseases, unbridled greed, to realize this is now epidemic, this has become up to the highest levels of leadership.”

~James Gilliland~

Please see the protection meditation for everyone who requires a higher level of protection on a daily basis 

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