Angel oracle card readings



Angel oracle card readings are complimentary with a tarot reading

With regard to telephone, Skype  or email readings, payment is to be made upfront and proof of payment sent through prior to the appointment.

With an email reading, please also send through clear questions, including your date of birth, and the names and dates of birth of those people close to you, e.g. partner, children, siblings, etc., as this will determine who various people are in the reading.

 Consulting hours for readings and healings:

Mon - Fri: appointments from 6.30pm
Sat: appointments from 8am to 1pm

Advertised fayres and events


Angel oracle cards
are meant to be interpreted
This means that each card you draw is to be trusted with the impression that it gives.

The general meanings of cards are fairly specific, however the finer details of the cards will apply to various situations in your own life, and will shift.

The context of each card is always based upon the question or topic that you ask the angels about.  So it's important that you consider the question you have asked as the reading is interpreted.

The angels know your true desires and will act accordingly upon it.  If, for instance, you ask whether you will be receiving a raise, but in fact you have the desire to quit your job, the true wishes of your heart will be uncovered.

It's important that you are true and honest when you set your intentions for a reading.

Note:  it is important that you don't treat your readings as something superficial in that you ask the same question day after day.  Your reading will present itself as "muddy" and you won't receive a clear reading.

Personally, it's great to receive a motivational angel card for the day.  As with each life lesson, the angels will help you receive the same card sometimes over and over until you have reached the desired outcome before they let you move on.  Take cognisance of their gentle reminders ... they clearly see the whole picture and are there to help you on your spiritual journey.