Angel signs


Although we cannot see angels, they are in constant contact with us by leaving us little signs that they are around.

When I came to know my angel I wanted to know from him why I didn’t receive feathers like friends were receiving.  I felt left out!  I also want something, I told him.  The next day when I came home from work I found the shiniest blue black feather in the middle of my mat on my bedroom floor.  I grinned, thinking that there must be a “body” somewhere around as I have two cats and feathers on the floor were a sure sign there had been a little hunting spree.

Irrespective of my doubt, I found no evidence of a body and kept the feather.  I saw the humour in my angel leaving such a coloured feather.  The following week there was an abundance of feathers for me … all the same size … perfectly formed small white feathers that I found in my car, in the cloakroom at work, under my handbag next to my bed.  I thanked my angel profusely and to this day have no doubt that he hears my requests.

Since then he has left drawers open in my home and has stopped all wrist watches and clocks on the same day.  I have no doubt that he is with me always.  Sometimes he brushes my cheek gently just to check in.              


Feathers are not the only signs that they leave for us. 

  • Sometimes they drop coins in our path.
  • On occasions the same number will appear, whether it’s in the form of a licence plate on the car in front of us in traffic, or on a sign board, an address. Even in dreams they can send us numbers that are of particular importance.  There is a book written by Doreen Virtue and Lynnette Brown called Angel Numbers which lists numbers for this purpose and I use it often as the angels often send me numbers in dreams.  The     interpretations are so relevant to what is happening in one’s life at that particular time.
  • Then angels love music and they will often communicate through a song. Normally the title of the song will be relevant to your life and the same words will be heard by you a few times over a period of days.
  • On other occasions the title of a book will literally pop out on a shelf.  I have even heard of books falling from shelves with just the right message at the right time for someone in need.
  • A scent or perfume you become aware of when no one else is around, or a particular sense of warmth.
  • Shapes in nature, such as in the snow or mud, leaves, and cloud formations.
  • Rainbows … especially when you are thinking about your angel.

Once you are in tune with your angel, the more messages or signs you will receive in the form of the same words, numbers, suggestions, or even “coincidences”.  I put the word “coincidences” in “xx” as in the spiritual realm there are no coincidental occurrences.  Everything is synchronised perfectly by the angels and presented to you at precisely the right time.