Angelic realms


Angels radiate at different frequencies, with various tasks assigned to each one. 

No angel is better than the other and in the angelic realm every angel is considered equal but different.  


The essence of Seraphim is pure love and they operate on the highest frequency. They are heavenly hosts who constantly sing the praises of the Creator and sound harmonics which hold the vibration of Creation. The Seraphim each have different tasks and vibrate at a variety of different frequencies.  They do not usually work with humans, but they do add energy to projects of importance to humanity and they communicate with us from time to time.

Known as the angels of wisdom, they are the guardians of the stars and the celestial heavens. They help you feel a sense of wonder and sheer awesomeness of the universes. They also help to connect unconsciously to your planet of origin, to give you a sense of peace.  If you wish to work with them, you need to purify yourself and raise your vibration.

These angels work with the Cherubim and help with the stars. They work with people who are angel ambassadors. They are seen as babies because they emanate joy and pure childlike innocence. 

They look after and guard the planets.  The angel in charge of our planet, Earth, is therefore a Throne. Ezekiel, the Hebrew prophet, described them as flaming torches or burning coals of fire. They are often depicted as having many eyes or many wheels.

They are celestial prefects who look after those angels whose tasks require them to vibrate at a slower frequency. They are channels of mercy and although they rarely connect with humans they help to smooth the passage between the spiritual and the material.

They send out vast beams of light in a form accessible to humans. These are the angels who make miracles happen. When groups raise their consciousness and tune into angel energy, they access the pool of information the virtues radiate. They facilitate the rise in consciousness for the New Age. 

These are the angels of birth and death. The angel of birth who lovingly enfolds us at our moment of birth is a Power, and so is the angel who joyously helps us with our transition from our human body into the light body at death. These angels help and guide us to the light at our passing. The Lords of Karma, who are in overall charge of the karmic records, are Powers. They guard the conscience of mankind. 

These angels look after and protect cities, nations, multinational corporations and any very large configuration of people. They work throughout the universe, and Earth is a very small part of their domain. When we have problems with our community affairs, we address the Principalities for assistance. 

The archangels are in charge of big projects and also look after the angels.  See the section on Archangels. 

There are many kinds of angels who undertake different tasks. Guardian angels are particularly selected because their slower frequency matches that of humans.  They guard us from birth, they are able to guide and help us in many ways, if only we will ask. They can smooth our path, heal through us, inspire us and work with us to create a harmonious life and spread the light. 

 ~  Diana Cooper – A New Light on Angels ~