As Above, So Below

The First Spiritual Law of the Universe:
As Above, So Below

On Earth as it is in heaven.

If you are a parent you love all your children the same whether they are babies, toddlers or adults. You believe in them, even though they may be going through a difficult phase.  A mother may shake her head in sorrow at the behaviour of her young children, but she does not judge them. She knows they will grow up.

The parents of a small child do not love him less because he is jealous of his baby sister. They understand and try to help him with his conflicting feelings. When he is older they do not stop loving him because he struggles with his homework. They offer help.

God does NOT stop loving you when you have turbulent emotions or find a piece of work difficult. Nor does he judge you. Rather you are encouraged and helped by his angels.

The Universe loves you and holds a vision of your future as an enlightened person
no matter what mistakes you are making on earth.

Wise parents gently direct and encourage their children to develop their talents. At the same time they give them freedom to learn from their own mistakes. The more sensible a child is the more freedom of choice you allow him.

We are given free choice. Like any sensible parent, the Divine will step in and try to guide us if we are going wildly off track. However, under spiritual law God will not force us to do his will. If we are hell-bent, he will stand back and allow us to learn the hard way.

As in any family, young souls are carefully supervised by God while evolved souls are given responsibility for themselves.

The Universe waits without judgment as we experience and learn. W
hen we are ready it opens new doors.

Do you want those you love to be happy, fulfilled, prosperous and healthy? If you really love them of course you do. Equally, Source wants you, his beloved child, to be happy, fulfilled, prosperous and healthy.

There was a woman who felt guilty because she was so happy in her job.  Somehow she felt God must disapprove of her for being so joyous about her work! The reverse is true.

When you are happy, heaven rejoices.
God’s will is for you to do what gives you joy, fulfilment and a sense of worth. 

A wise parent offers guidance to his children and empowers them to make free choices. If they ignore the guidance, the loving parent supports them in whatever they decide to do. God too offers us guidance in dreams, meditation or through the prompting of intuition. He gives us entirely free choice about whether we accept it or not and supports us unconditionally whichever path we choose. He is not attached to us making a particular choice.

While you have free choice, your soul is longing for you to choose the path of greatest spiritual growth. However, most of us have to learn from experience that foolhardy, selfish choices lead to ill health, failure and misery.

We often find out the hard way that when we act from our lower will, which is our own selfish desire, the inevitable result is that we feel bad.

In a family where the grandfather founded the family business, an old-fashioned, authoritarian father assumed that his son would take over. However, his son wanted to be a musician for which he showed considerable talent. The father was not accepting of this and through manipulation and emotional blackmail he persuaded his son to enter the family firm. The father’s controlling actions were fear-based. Not surprisingly, he felt permanently irritable and quarrelled with his wife and son. Eventually the son broke away from the family completely so he could express himself through music. The father was left feeling isolated, ill and insecure as a result of his own alienating actions, the very same feelings he was trying to avoid by controlling the son.

A wise parent encourages his child to express his talent and is not attached to the child following one pathway. Fear-based choices come from our lower will. “Let they will be done” means: “help me make choices from my higher self”. Wise, courageous choices result in happiness, health and abundance.

Choices that promote love, harmony and joy come from the higher or divine will|
and always empower us.

We all like to be appreciated.  When someone thanks us from the bottom of their heart for something we have done, we feel a sense of satisfaction and delight and often want to give more. As so it is above. The heavens smile on us when we appreciate and say thank you for what we have received. The powers of the Universe then send us more.

Many people are screaming at their angels for help and simply cannot understand why assistance is not forthcoming. Take an example from the earth below. Your child is screaming at you to help him with his homework. Ten to one you feel exasperated and quite disinclined to satisfy him. No wonder the angels turn a deaf ear to selfish screams for help. When your child asks pleasantly and you have a sense that he is ready to value your help, you are undoubtedly delighted to give it. So too are the forces of light.

 When you are ready to receive something from the Universe,
ask calmly and pleasantly.
They will be delighted to let you have it.
Value it when you get it.

It is repellent to be with a negative person. If you try to help someone who prefers to wallow in misery, after a while you will probably walk away. If you care for them you may keep an eye on them from a distance, and so it is the same in the heavens.

The angels find it very difficult to access you through determined negativity.
They can only stand by to help.

If someone is kind to you or your animals, you warm to them. When you are kind to yourself or any of God’s creatures the Universe warms to you. When someone is enthusiastic you feel sparked and motivated to action. So it is with the energy of the Universe. It will support your passion. If someone has faith in you, you live up to their faith. When we have faith in God, he responds to our faith. We respond to generosity, God does likewise.

You cannot manipulate or bargain with a wise parent. 
You cannot manipulate or bargain with God.

~ Accreditation: Diana Cooper ~