Client feedback


Since you told me that I am going to sign a contract with a school and possibly a transport company, and have my own office, all those things have happened. I signed a contract with a school, and now another contract is imminent, and recently someone gave me an office to work out of for free!
~ K ~

Hi Di, just wanted to let you know how spot on your reading in December was for me. I have met an amazing man with the initial xx that just slots in perfectly with my family and treats me like a queen.
~ C ~

I got your angel reading I can’t tell you how much I needed that. You have made such an incredible impact in my life thank you 💙💜
~ J ~

I came to see you in 2015 . Then and now you are spot on. (2020)
~ Antoinette ~ 

Wow! This is so awesome and confirms a lot of what I “kind of knew“. It so spot on, in that it definitely has come through into this life.
 (Past Life Reading)
~ G ~

Thank you very much for the reading!! You are so spot on, I don't know how you do it. : ) 
~ Carin ~

So many things came to pass from my reading since June I don’t even know where to start. All the changes at work both for Lee and myself.  

Thanks so much for the reading. Some of the things you forecast have happened already. I'm always completely amazed at how you're able to do this. 
~ Mika'il ~

t amazes me how you bring things into the reading that I didn't mention to you, but is in fact taking place in my life. You really have an amazing ability. Thank you for sharing it with me.
~ Mika'il ~

Just wanted to say thank you so much for today. It was one of the best workshops I have been on I think ever :). I got so much from today and I feel it will really help me with direction in my life and connecting with Angels.
~ Sarah ~

I am bowled over by the accuracy of this reading, really I appreciate you taking your time out to send me this reading, you are amazing!!!
Andile ~

I just wanted to tell you that you were spot on with sooooo many things you said to me, WOW , I am so blown away, you are truly remarkable and you have such a beautiful amazing gift, you truly are an inspiration to me and I will always admire you.
~ Saiesha ~

I'm really blessed to have a teacher like you in my life that can guide me when I'm not sure what to do, or where to go next. You are amazing and I don't think you realize what a profound impact your gift has on your clients, and how much you actually help people.
~ Ilse ~

Many thanks for the reading on Saturday - I came specifically to see you and left feeling much more cheerful.
~ Sandy ~

Meeting you was such a blessing in my life. I am still facing painful challenges in my life but I am proud to say that even though I have not had an opportunity to meet with you recently, but through your teachings and mails I am striving to find balance daily. I now look at being diagnosed with cancer and losing my job as lessons, not misfortunes. Thank you so much, I truely appreciate you.
~ Nonie ~

I've just realized in 2011 you gave me a reading at a faire in Alberton. I was ill at the time & u told me I wld b ok, the docs have a solution. U have no idea how often I've clung 2 those words, they gave me hope. So thank u, Dianne, I'm still around - so far so good.
~ Ingrid ~

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your advice and help! I don't know what I would've done without you helping me on my journey! I'm really grateful that I have someone to share "all this crazy-awesome-stuff-that-is-happening-to-me" with :-). I feel a lot more at ease just to know I could email you and you are willing to help! So Grateful that the angels sent me to you!
~ Ilse ~ 

Thank you so much for all, knowing you has had so much positive impact in my life. I now know and understand me much better :-)
~ Nonie ~

Just thought I would let you know what happened since we saw you on Sunday. Looks like, once again, you were spot on.
~ Sonja ~

I thank you for being part of our very first workshop over on our side of the mountains! You all made it possible! ... Dianne for making all of this possible, a very heartfelt thank you to you. We had an amazing time under your wing. You are a great teacher and we learned wonderful new ways to communicate. Our brothers and sisters in feathers are most thankful because you opened our eyes to the awesomeness they are.
~ Diana ~

Thank you so much Dianne, you are awesome and make such a wonderful change in our lives. Please don't ever underestimate what you mean to others. Wish you were close so I could give you a hug :-)
~ Martie ~

As usual, LOVE IT !! thank you xx These spiritual laws are making such a difference in my life, Di, there are times like last night when I experience utter happiness … for no reason at all – just joyous happiness. I still get a few ‘down’ moments but then I talk to my Angel or remember something from the Laws and change my thinking and if not before, then by the time I wake up etc I am mentally strong to start my day :) 
~ Renee ~

Thank you for the information... once again you are very accurate and I'm going to give it a chance!
~ G ~

You have no idea how many times I thank the angels for bringing you into my life. You truly are an earth angel. I really enjoy your articles and this one has hit home in many ways. Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge and helping us to become better inside and out.Have been doing a lot of work with them and they really do help us in all situations.
~ Joan ~

Thank you so very much. Your reading is spot on.
~ Denise ~

Thank you so much for your advice and guidance. My spirit and emotions are so much lighter! I am almost back to being me.
~ Martie ~

Oh my that was such a good reading. I can't believe how accurate a lot of it is and you are sitting 7000 miles away.
~ Eric ~