Guardian angels


We all have one special guardian angel that belongs to and works only with us. This angel will stay with you from your first incarnation to your last incarnation. They love us unconditionally and always with great patience.

Your guardian angel holds your Akashic records and will present those to the Lords of Karma who will meet with you once you have crossed over. Your guardian angel will always encourage you to do what is for your highest good and will whisper in your ear to encourage you to make the right choices. guardian angels are pure unconditional love.  They will never judge you.

    Your guardian angel, although with you always, will never interfere with your own free will i.e. the choices you make in life. He only acts when you ASK him to.

    There is ONE situation where your guardian angel will intervene without you asking and that is in a death situation and it is not your time to cross over.

     Many people are aware of their guardian angel and invoke them to help them throughout the day when they feel its necessary. Your guardian angel can be asked to help comfort you, to travel with you, to help restore your energy, to strengthen you, to keep you company.  In fact, in any situation you feel comfortable with him, bring him in and don’t be shy to ask for his help.

In a relationship situation where you are experiencing difficulties, ask your angel to help with the situation. He then liaises on your behalf with the other party's angel and the healing of the situation is started in the spiritual realm.

 That quiet still voice that you hear urging you to act in a situation, to calm down in a dilemma, to be kind to a stranger, and a gentle touch you might feel on your cheek, or a faint perfume that comes out of nowhere, is your angel letting you know he’s around.

I have met my own angel and would encourage you to meet yours.  Please do the visualisation on How to meet your guardian angel and begin a personal relationship with him.