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June 2019

Intuitive Astrology Forecast 
By Tanaaz

By the end of June we will be walking into Eclipse season, but if we rewind to the start of the month there is a lightness and brightness that will be guiding us forward.

The first major cosmic alignment for June 2019, is the New Moon which falls on the 3rd in the sign of Gemini.

The theme for this New Moon is going to be communication and we are going to get a chance to wade through the facts and figures in order to awaken to our truth.

The truth is subjective. We all look at life and the events that unfold through the coloured lens of our own perception, and under the Gemini New Moon, we are going to have to decide whether we accept what we have believed to be true, or change our tune a little.

It is never too late to start again, it is never too late to look at things in a different light and to go back over things in order to reveal a new truth, and that is what this New Moon will be calling us to do.

New Moons are also a wonderful time to set intentions and to think about what you want to hold dear and near to your heart. They are a time to see your vision clearly so you can manifest it into reality, and getting to the heart of your own truth is going to help with this.

Following the New Moon on the 12th, Mars finally gets back into its usual playing field. Since April 20th, Mars has been out of bounds and its energy has been stronger and more exaggerated than usual.

If you have felt quick to anger or a little more irritable than usual, Mars returning to its normal territory should help to bring a sense of ease.

If irritabilities have come up for you, take this as a signal or signpost that you need to take a deeper look and work out what is triggering you so you can release and soften these triggers once and for all.

For guidance, think back to what was happening in your life on the days surrounding April 20th and May 19th, for clues on what Mars may be guiding you to release or work through.

Following this on the 17th, we have the Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. This is a beautiful Full Moon and a welcome treat before we enter Eclipse season.

As it is the last Full Moon before an Eclipse, we are going to be busy wrapping up the work of the previous Eclipse cycle.

Think back to what was happening in your life in January 2019, as events from this time are likely to play a part in what you are being called to work on.

Eclipses are not meant to be feared, but rather celebrated as they put us where we need to be. They are like the hand of the Universe coming down and helping us to straighten things out and get things in order.

On this Sagittarius Full Moon, we are going to be given a gentle nudge in the right direction, so be sure to pay attention, as this Full Moon will be preparing us nicely for what’s to come in July.

Despite the looming Eclipses, June’s Full Moon is a friendly one and will feel different from the string of potent Full Moons we have had since the start of the year.

On June 21st, the Sun will enter Cancer signalling the Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the official start of Summer, and in the Southern Hemisphere, this is the official start of Winter.

The astrological year is a quarter way through and the calendar year is halfway through, and this is symbolized through the changing of the seasons.

The Solstice also marks the time where the days start getting shorter in the North and the days start getting longer in the South. A sign that no matter what season you are in, change is always around the corner.

As the Sun moves into Cancer, we are being called to get in touch with ourselves and to think about how we wish to channel our energy.

Are we channelling our energy into things that fill us up and make us feel good? Or are we wasting our energy getting angry and fired up over things we have no control over?

Cancer is a very watery, intuitive sign, so while the Sun is in this placement, it is time for all of us to lead with our hearts and to get in touch with the power and wisdom that can come from our emotions.

Our emotions can be the GPS to our soul, so it is important for us to honour how we feel, process and release emotions we don’t want, and welcome in the emotions we do want.

By denying ourselves the right to feel and the right to experience all emotions of the rainbow, we deny ourselves the opportunity to understand and peer into the wisdom and truth that emanates from our soul.

On this same day, Neptune goes retrograde which gives us a total of four planets in retrograde.

While we don’t feel these particular retrogrades on a day to day level, we do feel them on an internal level and they cause us to feel more reflective.

Neptune is the planet of art, creativity, magic, and spirituality. It also represents the veil between illusion and reality.

Neptune’s energy is actually quite strong all through the month of June, and while retrograde, it is going to be helping us to sort through areas of our lives that we feel a bit foggy or confused about.

This is a wonderful time to journal and document your feelings or dreams, as these insights are likely to come in handy as we take this journey under Neptune’s energy.

To help you unlock and access the beautiful gifts on offer all through the month, try my June Cosmic Guided Meditation. It is designed to help you connect with your truth, protect your energy, and bring harmony and love into your being.

Overall, June is a peaceful month where we can start seeing the wheels turning for what the Eclipses will bring.

This is a time to collect information, sort through fact from fiction, and to figure out what we want to hold close to our hearts as truth. 


Important Dates : 

JUNE (based on South African time zone)

3 New moon in Gemini (12h02)
10 Half moon waxing in Virgo
17 Full moon in Sag (10h31)
21 Sun in Cancer
21 Solstice (Quarter day)
25 Half moon waning in Aries 

See also: Moon Phases


Angel Reading for June 2019

Reading using the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards
of Doreen Virtue

All three cards drawn reflect messages from your Guardian Angel. If you are feeling restless and feel it’s time that you move on from wherever you are, it could be employment, home, a situation where you feel stuck, your Guardian Angel is encouraging you to stay positive and ask for help around the situation. Before flying head long into any form of change, look deeper into the situation. Ask questions, do research, determine if the move is what you ultimately desire. If so, then take the next step.

Life can be challenging at times and we tend to panic when we feel out of control. It’s human to feel anxiety when change comes along even when we have asked for it. We need to learn to relax and allow the energies to flow naturally, and not force anything. By forcing a situation, we swim upstream and things become more of a challenge. Timing may be wrong and we could land in a situation which does not suit us at all. And yet, if we ask for help from the divine energies and allow them to work things out behind the scenes, we can be assured of a much better outcome than we could ever have hoped for. TRUST that the divine always has your back and can see a far greater picture than you can.

Never be in a hurry to institute change (except in an emergency situation, but that’s another story) or make a decision when emotional. Ask for guidance all the way through and listen to your intuition and messages that come your way. Remember to thank your Guardian Angel daily for all they do for you, sometimes without you even noticing. By building this rapport you will be supported all the way through and be guaranteed of a successful outcome. 



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