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April 2018

April Month Overview:

April 2018 is not an easy month. Not only are we dealing with a sign that hosts 3 planets with potential for damage (Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn), but these planets are in conflict with those that transit Aries (Uranus, Mercury, and during the first two decans, the Sun). So there’s a square strengthened at both ends, which involves 6 planets of the 10 that modern astrology usually deals with. On top of that, Mercury is retrograde during the first half of April. The configuration is extremely tense and can have a violent, conflict-filled, destructive nature.

On the tough trio in Capricorn there might be a somewhat positive effect exercised by the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, situated in Taurus and Scorpio. It’s unlikely that they’d manage to fully counteract the evil power of the Mars-Saturn-Pluto combo, but they can be counted on for support and solutions in the aftermath.

Keep in mind that in 2018 Mars is in its retrograde cycle, so aside the transit during spring (March 17 - May 17) it will also go through another transit (assisted by Saturn and Pluto) through Capricorn during the August 13 - September 10 term. So some events of this spring might have repercussions in August-September.

Mars’ way through Capricorn is critical and launches a warning for caution regarding the following areas of life:

Aries: social status, reputation, career, prestige, awards; higher-ups, authorities
Taurus: long-distance travels, ties with strangers, the abroad; Internet; studies, culture, spirituality
Gemini: business and investments; inheritances, non-refundable funds, retrocession; loans, debts, tickets; anxiety, phobias, crises
Cancer: love life, marriage, couples; collaborations, contracts, alliances, rivalries, conflicts, aggressions, trials
Leo: health; work and responsibilities; hierarchical ladder and underlings; pets
Virgo: love, sex, kids; adventure, risk; financial speculation; creativity; leisure time, pleasures, fun, sports
Libra: home, house, properties, inheritances or long-term-use goods; family, parents; the past
Scorpio: travels, cars; mind, intellect, information, communication, negotiations, interviews; documents, files, written papers; siblings, neighbors
Sagittarius: money and real-estate, income, expenses, savings, profit
Capricorn: body, looks, constitution, vitality, temperament; life, by and large
Aquarius: hidden dangers (enemies, plots, disease); secret action; restrictions, limitations
Pisces: community, group, society; popularity, friends, protectors, supports; hopes and projects

The negative energy of the Mars-Saturn-Pluto trio can be transformed in energies with a positive effect only through focus, determination, effort, and perseverance when striving to reach a goal that is constructive and acknowledged, that has to do with the sign’s predilection as specified in the list above.

Of all the planets, during April 2018 Venus does the best: it rules Taurus, strong, steady, and optimistic. She can bring us each luck and solutions in the following areas, depending on each sign:

Aries: savings, profits, valuables, earnings, money and real-estate
Taurus: appearance, body, vitality, constitution, temper; life, generally speaking
Gemini: behind-the-scenes events, luck related to the occult (secret supporters, providence)
Cancer: dreams and projects; community, gatherings, society; popularity, supporters, protectors, friends
Leo: bosses, officials; social status, prestige, reputation, career, success, distinctions
Virgo: ties with strangers, travels to far-away places, the abroad; degrees, spirituality, culture; Internet
Libra: gifts, retrocession, donations, sponsorships, inheritances, loans; business and investments
Scorpio: life in two, marriage, love life; contracts, collaborations, alliances, trials, competitions
Sagittarius: health; work and responsibilities; employees and ties with bosses; pets
Capricorn: creativity; kids, love, sex; free time, entertainment, enjoyment, adventure, sports, financial speculation
Aquarius: parents, family; the past; residence, properties, real-estate or goods
Pisces: vehicles, journeys; interviews, negotiations, communication, information; files, documents, official papers; neighbors, siblings

So, carefully navigating to avoid obstacles and using as much as possible of the wind in our sails, we can hope to get to shore safe and sound. 

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR

Important Dates : 

APRIL (based on South African time zone)

08 Half moon waning in Capricorn 
16 New moon in Aries (03:57)
22 Half moon waxing in Leo
30 Full moon in Scorpio (02:58)

See also: Moon Phases


Angel Reading for  April 2018

Message from Angel Answers Oracle Cards
by Doreen Virtue

When doing this reading, I asked the angels what the message is that they wish to share with us for this month. I left it entirely open without an outcome in mind. This was their answer:

No! Peaceful resolution; and Within the next few months.

If you have been wanting something to happen and you may feel like you've gone into overdrive about an outcome, then the answer is that you need to be patient. Have you thought things through carefully and weighed all the options. Or are you being hasty and want things to happen now? By being impatient you may not benefit by an impromptu outcome, and the angels would like you to stop and take a breath. Think things through carefully and then pray about it. Allow an answer to formulate in your mind. Believe that things will always work out for your greater good, although it may not feel like it at the time.

Allow the angels to go to work on your behalf if you have an issue with someone else, whether it's in the workplace or in a relationship, whatever it is. Speak to your guardian angel to speak to the other party's angel, so that a peaceful resolution can be reached in the spiritual realms first. Know that by doing this, the best possible solution for everyone concerned will take place right here on earth.

And that outcome that you've been expecting for a while, will happen in perfect timing. Heaven's timing isn't the same as ours on earth where things are linear, so we need to trust that all things happen as and when they should. Be patient while things are working out behind the scenes for you, for an even better and brighter solution than you thought possible. 

Remember to always give thanks to the Divine, even before you have received the answer to your prayer.

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