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October 2018

Overview Horoscope

October 2018 is marked by Venus’ retrograde transit through Scorpio, where it doesn’t do so well; so it might inspire in us uncontrollable passion and extreme desire. But, on the other hand – if we check our inner resources, feelings, and values – we might find the power to be reborn from our own ashes as far as feelings/relationships and money are concerned. 

It’s time to re-examine our ties to others, particularly love-based ones, in order to identify the motivation behind our partnerships and understand if we’re involved in dependent or co-dependent connections.

In October 2018, amorous lures and money-related temptations might be more frequent than usual.

Some might have to do with unpaid dues and it would best during this term to deal with paying them or rescheduling payments. It might seem almost impossible to resist buying luxury items, with serious consequences on the budget. But we let our needs and functionality guide us; also, think about buying practical items at reasonable prices or even second-hand.

Others might be haunted by older passions, loves from their past, the need to resume a relationship which ended at some point but staid on as a well-hidden obsession.

There may also be some issues related to intimacy, mutual trust or partition of joint resources, either of a money-related or emotional/spiritual nature.

Sexuality can be a main topic during October 2018, more so since Scorpio is intensely activated by planets. Venus and Jupiter – which are already in Scorpio – are joined by Mercury (beginning with October 10) and the Sun (on October 23).

Until October 26 – when there’s a Venus-Sun conjunction – it’s better to end dysfunctional or toxic relationships that only bring out the worst in us. We should be careful about money-related transactions, closing deals or managing benefits-based relationships.

During this term we might run into various amorous complications and relationships based on sex or even obsession. We should all pay more attention to what’s inside us, fears that come out, and insecurity that generates jealousy and possessiveness, so that we can begin a soul-healing emotional process.

Mercury is also very active during October 2018. Situated in Scorpio, it inspires in us a predisposition toward analyzing things more in depth, seeking answers beyond words and meanings. So there’s more need to discover the truth, but – when information is incomplete or inaccessible – there might also be a tendency to fabricate scenarios or conspiracy theories. 

We can also expect manipulative plays in the public space, secret information being disclosed or fierce fights so that such information will (not) become public knowledge, depending on interests. Both on a personal and social scale, we might become more aware of the power of information, but also of the power of law – particularly during the last days of the month, when Mercury is in conjunction with Jupiter.

The public space might be filled with harsher words, and ardent topics might arise regarding justice-related laws or economic stability. Negotiations might go better, but since Venus is retrograde, we can be easily misled.

Venus’ retrograde station: October 5 2018, at 15h04 EDT - New York, NY

All in all, October 2018 promises high emotional intensity, specific to Scorpio. But along that we might find in ourselves the strength we need in order to approach delicate or difficult matters, maybe even taboos; also the power to cut out of our lives relationships and projects that have run their course, and have no reason to exist anymore.

Our main allies when it comes to these pursuits are perseverance, tenacity, and the sincere need to get to the bottom of things.

Astrologer: Ada Cocoș

Important Dates : 

October (based on South African time zone)

02 Half moon waning in Cancer 
09  New moon in Libra (05:47) 
16 Half moon waxing in Capricorn
24 Full moon in Taurus (18:45)
31 Half moon waning in Leo 

See also: Moon Phases


Angel Reading for  October 2018

Messages from Your Angels
from Doreen Virtue

The angels are there to help and guide you. All you need to do is ask them for their assistance. They are merely a plea away. They can help with any situation, big or small. If you are going through a period of healing, ask them to assist you with your emotions by asking them to help you through the process of releasing any emotions that may be holding you back. Anger and unforgiveness are emotions that are detrimental for spiritual growth. No one else is affected, only the one who holds on to them. Ask them to help you release those emotions so that you are free from toxic thoughts that can harm your mental and physical health. The angels are never judgmental either so you may share your innermost thoughts and fears with them, which helps ease your burdens too.

The angels are also so willing to bring the right people across your path who will help you on your spiritual journey. Don’t be afraid to ask them for assistance with this task. They will bring things to your attention whether it’s in the form of an advert, a pamphlet, or a message from someone known or unknown to you. When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear. The universe contrives to help you, don’t be afraid to open up to what you feel is a synchronicity. It is, in fact, the angels at work helping you and guiding you with your personal growth. 

When you first start out on your spiritual journey, you may feel so excited about the new things you’ve learnt, that you may continually speak about it. It may be disconcerting to others and some may be fearful and become judgmental. Don’t let this put you off. Instead, stand in your power and teach others by example. It’s not always an easy path when others don’t understand what you’re going through or why you’re so excited or enthralled by “things that are unseen”. Trust that the universe and the angels know what they are doing. In the end, you will triumph over all and be a shining example, touching those whose hearts who were initially closed. 

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