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August 2018

Intuitive Astrology Forecast

August 2018 isn’t a peaceful month either, but under Saturn’s wise and stern guidance we have every chance to transform turbulence into a constructive force.

The Saturn-Uranus trine supports innovation and change, but only if we keep in mind the past and what experience we’ve accumulated so far. Equilibrium and progress entwine in a constructive manner; tradition and innovation go hand in hand in order to help us change certain areas of our lives in a radical way.

During the first week of August 2018 Mars and Uranus form a tense aspect that might mean a term loaded with aggressiveness, riots, chaos, various forms of violence, accidents with numerous casualties, defiance toward authorities, or fluctuations of significant money-related mechanisms. There might also be accidents related to power grids or electricity in some shape or form and industrial structures or areas. Things can’t be too quiet on a social level, either; particularly if things reach the critical point in which society feels like an unpleasant part of history is on the brink of repeating itself.

All of that might be a form of “necessary evil”; it can be an agent of mandatory changes which we refused to undergo for years, while hiding behind antiquated conventions and the herd instinct. Events that happen during this term can have long-term effects.

On August 7 2018 Venus begins its journey through Libra – its resident sign – from where it can inspire in us the desire for harmony, peace, but also for justice, social fairness, and fair-play. We’re all more interested in life as a couple or eager to begin relationships or partnerships of any kind. Themes active in our lives during this term include making compromises, being compromised, balance/unbalance, diplomacy, equality. 

We should keep in mind the fact that the less pleasant part of Venus in Libra is related to hypocrisy, the inability to make clear decisions, and the desire to find easy fixes. 

During the first decan of August 2018 Venus is in a square with Saturn, and then – during the last decan – in a square with Pluto, which might mean the activation of topics related to interacting with society and the connection to the official system or institutions, as well as themes related to social equality.

The solar eclipse of August 11 2018, which happens in Leo, is part of a family of eclipses with a profoundly transformative role. The Sun-Moon conjunction is close to Mercury retrograde, which can increase confusion and issues regarding communication. We might lack vital information, be misinformed or given data that misleads us. Something has to break in order for there to be a long and difficult process of reconstruction, with long-term effects. The collapse of structures we deem secure can happen both on a personal and social level. So we should be very aware of how we manage these energies and willingly go through radical changes regarding certain difficult areas of our lives.

The squares that Mercury makes with Jupiter (first with Mercury retrograde, then with Mercury after it resumes its direct motion) might point to difficult negotiations, egos, stubbornness, exaggeration, and the desire to do more than is possible. Be very careful when it comes to documents, legal disputes, and negotiations of any kind – particularly until August 20 2018.

Luckily, the Jupiter-Neptune trine watches over us all and activates for each of us higher purposes, cleaner ones, the need for spirituality and peace of mind. On the flip side, this trine can bring us self-indulgence or the tendency to get illusions. Some might use this aspect in order to gain a status as guru, savior, and so on.

On August 23 the Sun enters Virgo’s practical, calm, analytical, and calculated system, from where it forms harmonious aspects with Saturn and Pluto from Capricorn; but also with Uranus from Taurus. That’s how a configuration called a “pyramid” is formed, made of planets in earth signs. It’s a configuration that promises a lot of stability and enhances our ability to rediscover in ourselves our own balance and security, if what happens around gives us the impression of chaos. This astrological configuration gives us the necessary energy in order to enjoy working and persevere when it comes to reaching our goals.

Other notable astrological events of August 2018 are Mercury resuming its direct motion on August 19, and the end of Mars’ retrograde cycle on August 27 – which unlocks and amplifies a series of situations which we’ve been dealing with for a while without managing to solve them.



Important Dates : 

August (based on South African time zone)

04 Half moon waning in Taurus 
11 New moon in Leo (11:58)
11 Partial solar eclipse
18 Half moon waxing in Scorpio
26 Full moon in Pisces (13:56)

See also: Moon Phases


Angel Reading for August 2018

Self Worth

Message from Diana Cooper’s Wisdom Cards

We need to recognise that we are all different and unique. We come in all forms of shapes and sizes, with different interests and different ideas, and very different outlooks. How is it then that some people feel the need to criticize and find fault with others who are different to them? 

We need to be aware that not everyone has a thick skin and that sometimes the harsh words spoken can have devastating effects on someone they are directed at. It can be soul destroying and even push someone right over the edge. One never knows what truly is going on in someone else’s life … not everyone is an open book. 

When harsh words are directed at you, realise that most likely it is the other person’s insecurity or low self-esteem they are projecting. It may have nothing to do with you. They may be very unhappy in themselves. 

Your own self-worth is very important. Know that you are made in the image of God. Come to know who you are, love your body, love your mind, nurture yourself and take care of yourself. You are your number one fan. Restore any low self-esteem and build up your confidence. You are, after all, an amazing being with many amazing talents. Listen to your intuition, listen to your heart, for in it lies all the wisdom you need. 

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