How to Hear Messages from your Angels

Not everyone hears angelic voices as audible sounds. A lot of people receive messages from the divine through non-verbal means such as visions, feelings or knowingness. Hearing the voice of God and the angels is called clairaudience, which means “clear hearing”. The voice may sound like your own or it may sound different. The voice can emanate from within the body, within the mind or sound as if its outside your head. You may hear a faint voice and wonder what was said. You are welcome to ask your angels to repeat their message a little louder. The angels appreciate your feedback as they want to deliver clear and understandable guidance. At first, you may believe that the voice is your imagination or wishful thinking. This is especially true when you begin consciously interacting with angels. 

You may feel that its fantasy, that you wish it were true that angels would help you, but you’re probably doing something wrong and the angels won’t even notice you.
If your faith in angels is uncertain, ask God to help you have more faith, and to help you release any fears that you have from having full faith. The Divine always fulfils requests for more faith.

Angelic voices are consistently loving and supportive. Even when it's of impending danger or wrong turns. Psychologists are taught to believe that hearing voices is a sign of insanity. Yet, the voice of the ego is the only source of insanity. Ego voice messages are destructive, abusive and impulsive. For example, the ego may try to convince you that you will fail. The ego also changes its mind constantly. So it will tell you to do one thing on Monday, another thing on Tuesday and a completely different thing on Wednesday. If you listen to the voice of ego, your life will be chaotic and be fear-filled.

Angelic voices patiently repeat the guidance to us day after day until we finally follow it. You may hear your angels tell you for years that you would be a great healer or author, for example. Or your angels may repeatedly ask you to take better care of your body. You know that the guidance comes from angels when it is loving, focused, not hurtful to you or your family, and is consistent.

Clairaudience is just one of the four ways we receive angelic assistance. Your angels may speak to you in pictures and visual mental images. We call this clairvoyance or “clear seeing”. Angelic messages may come to you as single snapshot images, either in your mind or outside your mind. Or you may see miniature scenes, as if from a movie. The images may be black and white or full colour. Angelic visual messages may be symbolic, such as seeing a stop sign as a signal that you should take a rest, slow down, or stop what you are doing.

Intuitively, you might understand what the visual images mean. For instance, you might see an image of a trophy and instinctively you know this means that success is ahead for you. If you have trouble understanding your angelic visual gardens, be sure to ask. Ask the angels to clarify your message and continue asking for clarification until you are completely certain of their meaning.

Sometimes we shut down our angelic channels of communication due to fear. You might see an image of your future that frightens you, and you turn off your clairvoyance by shutting the third eye’s eyelid. As much as you want to see your angels in person you might harbour a deep-seated fear that seeing a “ghost” would be terrifying. Your angels honour such fears, and you won't see angelic apparitions until you feel confident that such a vision would comfort, not frighten you.

The third way we receive angelic guidance is through our emotions and physical sensations. We call this clairsentience, or “clear feeling”. Clairsentients get divine guidance through bodily sensations, such as a tightening of the jaw, fists, stomach, or sex organs. They intuitively know the specific meaning of these tightening reactions. A clairsentient feels air pressure and room temperature changes that warn him or her of negative situations.

Each of our five senses has a corresponding spiritual sense. Clairsentients receive angelic guidance through an etheric sense of smell, taste and touch, e.g. you may know that a beloved deceased one is near when you smell their perfume or favourite flower.

Clairsentients receive a lot of guidance through their intuition, gut feelings or hunches. Much of our intuition comes from the stomach region, and the stomach flutters, relaxes and tightens according to the angelic guidance. Instinctively, the clairsentient interprets the meaning of these gut feelings, and a wise clairsentient follows these internal directives without hesitation.

Clairsentients get angelic messages through their heart and love emotions as well. If a thought of doing something swells your chest with warm feelings of joy, this is a directive from God and the angels.

We call the fourth means of angelic communication claircognizance or “clear knowing”. Men are frequently claircognizant, and they may not even realise that they naturally receive detailed and accurate information from God and the angels. You can ask a claircognizant a question on almost any topic in the world and within minutes, he will give you an accurate answer. You might ask him how he knows that, and he’ll answer that he doesn’t know! He, himself didn’t know the information until a few minutes ago.

Claircognizants know, without knowing how they know. Consequently, they may doubt the validity of their knowingness. This is a mistake, because when divine wisdom enters our mind, it is a gift we can use to improve our life and to serve the world.

We all have access to all four channels of communication. Usually, we have one primary means of receiving angelic guidance and one secondary – or lesser – channel of communication. With practice, you can become adept at receiving messages in all four ways. In the beginning stages of speaking to your angels though, most people concentrate upon their natural means of communication.

Naturally visually orientated people will want to pay attention to their mental visions. If you tend to focus upon sounds, then listen for inner and outer words, voices and auditory messages. If you tend to be a touchy-feely type, your emotions and bodily sensations are the instruments that relay divine guidance to you. And if you are intellectually inclined, or a person who constantly searches for hidden meanings in situations, then you'll want to monitor your thoughts for those heavenly moments of “knowingness” that bring you certainty in guiding your actions.

~March 2023 newsletter~