How to Radiate Love

February is the month of love, or so they say. It’s difficult to radiate love to others from within when the energies surrounding you are heavy. In my own environment (aside from home) I’m feeling that the energies from December have returned. So many people are frustrated and irritated, and downright rude. It’s difficult to maintain a mood of jolliness when you walk into a space where you’re met with scowls. Most mornings this already starts in the traffic.

For those on a spiritual path who want to maintain their level of radiating love, here’s a tip for you to surround yourself with angelic energies throughout the day, and how to send those positive energies into an environment before you arrive. Yes, before you arrive! Perhaps you need to attend a meeting where you already feel nervous or anxious, or you’re going for an interview; you may have to face an unpleasant circumstance; attend a funeral; a family gathering …

BEFORE you even start your journey to the meeting, give yourself a couple of minutes to prepare:

1. Sit in a space where you can relax and won’t be disturbed. If you have the time, light a candle.

2. Breathe comfortably in an out – releasing any anxiety on the outbreath.

3. Ground yourself by visualising roots going from beneath your feet into the earth.

4. Place Archangel Michael’s blue cloak of protection around your shoulders, which cloak reaches from beneath your chin to your feet, with the hood covering your third eye. This allows only positive energy into your space throughout the day.

5. Now take your hands and rub them together, feeling the friction building up between them.

6. As you slowly pull your hands apart, you’ll feel the energy between the palm chakras. Its like a gentle elastic band has formed between your hands.

7. With that energy pull your hands apart even further, and start forming a ball in the air.

8. Now start humming softly. Doesn’t matter if you’re tone deaf. The angels will take that sound and turn it into divine music.

9. Ask the angels to fill your etheric ball with different colours – depending on where you’re going to send it – blue for strength, courage and protection; pink for love; yellow for confidence, self-worth and self-empowerment; white for purity, clarity and joy; emerald green for healing and abundance; golden orange for illumination; or turquoise for divine feminine energy.
If you’re in a rush, you may not know what colour to use and that’s also okay. Tell the angels you’re filling it with white light and they’ll change the colour to whatever energy is required.

10. Build up your ball with your hands invoking it with angelic light and humming, and tell the angels that you want to send it to a particular place … mention the reason and the time it should arrive.

11. You may want to fill your angel ball with particular words as well – especially if you’re sending it into an environment of strife / war, e.g. peace, healing prayers, solutions, safely, laying down of arms, compassion, etc.

12. If the person you’re sending it to in a particular place hasn’t arrived at their destination yet, the ball of energy will wait for them there and they’ll feel the energies when they arrive. It is never wasted.

13. Once you’ve formed your ball and feel that you’ve filled it with enough angelic energy and humming, give it a gentle throw into the air to release it, sending it to where it’s supposed to be going, trusting that it will be divinely guided to its destination.

14. Bring your hands down gently and bring that same energy into your own aura, trusting that you are receiving a blessing at the same time.

15. Thank the angels for helping you, blow out your candle and be on your way.

If you’d like to test the angel humming ball, send one along to your place of employment before you leave for work in the morning, setting the intention that whomever walks through the front door of your company, feels the energy of it as they do so. There’s no need to say anything or tell anyone. Trust that the energy will go especially to those who need it, and may even wake some up spiritually.