Past life regression


What is past life regression (PLR) ?

Past life regression involves the re-experiencing of a previous lifetime.

The procedure of regression is a simply one and is often effective, whether the  experiencer believes in past lives or not. They are taken through stages of increased relaxation until they are deeply relaxed, in a trance-like state. Throughout the session the experiencer is aware of what is going on and is able to respond to the practitioner.

The experiencer is then able via the sub-conscious mind to recall events from past lives and repeat them as all those memories are stored in the sub-conscious.

The regression may be very vivid and realistic, and at other times it may be more subtle. You may expect to access enough information to allow for an interesting and useful experience. Many people enjoy a vivid experience the first time, and some again will get impressions only such as images or thoughts or feelings.

The practitioner and experiencer begin with a discussion as to why the experiencer wishes to have this experience, followed by the regression. During the session the practitioner and experiencer talk frequently about what is happening.

Why would I want to remember a past life? 

Knowledge of past lives can help shed light on strengths, talents, weaknesses, fears and illnesses, etc. If you have a particular talent chances are that you developed this skill in previous lifetimes. Likewise with fears, phobias, and habits.

Also, some of your most prominent relationships began in previous lifetimes, having begun long before you were born – that is, in this lifetime. During a regression you may recognise someone from your present lifetime.

Fears and phobias, or blocks, may be overcome. Re-experiencing a harrowing incident can often be traced to a past life, and would be the first step in the healing process. The experiencer is encouraged to leave the negative energies behind in the previous lifetime, and to capture the positive energies which they bring back into the present lifetime.

How long does a session last?    

A session can last from 1 – 1 ½ hours, sometimes as long as 3 hours.


What is the cost?  

Your investment is R600,00 per session.

A non-refundable deposit of R300,00 will secure your appointment,
the balance is payable on the day.


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