Atlantean Blue Star Seal Protection Meditation

A friend of Diana Cooper’s, Tim Whild, carries Thoth energy and works with him and the angels.  Thoth gave him this invocation meditation and he has asked her to share it.  She has found it very powerful and hopes you will too.

This is a protection meditation, either for personal use, or to protect your space such as your home, school or car.  The energies are rapidly changing at present. Many of the protection methods we are currently using are breaking down, particularly as many of us are under increasing amounts of stress. Also many people are experiencing frequency drops due to moving through lessons.

The Atlantean Blue Star Seal Meditation can be used anywhere, by anyone. All you need is the trust to understand that once you have invoked this energy, it will clear your personal space, protect and support you unconditionally. You can also apply this energy to other people and places.

This is only appropriate when applied under The Law of Grace and a request sent to the Higher Self of the person involved. 

This meditation is very powerful, and uses the assistance of the Mighty Fire Dragons who are 4th Dimensional energy clearance experts. Once you invoke them, they will clear any lower vibrations and frequencies that you direct them to. They are especially good at winkling out really stuck, dense energy and are very happy to do so.

The Atlantean technology, supplied by Thoth, is called the Blue Star Seal.  This was used by him personally during his previous incarnations in Atlantis and Egypt to guard his space and energy on a daily basis. It was activated via his Soul Star and would surround him in a field of protection, which was anchored in the ninth dimension by Archangel Metatron. This would move with him wherever he went as a personal force field. It uses the sacred geometric shape of the six pointed star of Atlantis.

When you invoke his Atlantean Blue Star Seal Meditation, Thoth is activating and empowering your personal Soul Star to encourage your ascension.

With the help of Thoth, and the Blue Ray of Archangel Michael, this protection is now available in its primary geometric shape.

Within the space of this protection, be it your aura and fields, or say for example a house, any positive energies of your choice can then be placed within the seal for your benefit.

The Mighty Archangel Metatron will then, upon request, hold the Blue Star Seal in your aura until you ask him to release it.

Finally, Archangel Sandalphon will ground you into Hollow Earth, via your Earth Star to ensure full stability energetically, and to ensure that you do not receive too much energy without an etheric 'lightning rod'.

The meditation is relatively short, and easy to apply. It is up to you how much, or how little you place within your fields or aura.

This meditation is only available now that your twelve chakras are open and activated. It will give you the opportunity to start working with these chakras, and give you an idea of their potential and power once fully operational. The more you focus on them and use them, the more effective they will become.

You can also use it quite literally, to lock your requested frequencies in your fields and hold them there undisturbed.

Initial invocation:

  1. Beloved Fire Dragons, I (name) invoke you to completely clear all lower frequencies from my aura, my bodies and fields. 
  2. I specifically ask you to clear all (for example... fatigue, anxiety, worry, poverty consciousness, negative etheric energy, negative forces) or anything that you know is affecting your energy, space and light. Be specific, they will clear anything that you want.
  3. Sit quietly, and visualise them burning away all your 'stuff' with their roaring flames.
  4. When you feel clear and calm, ask them to stop. 

Thank them.

Second invocation:

  1. Mighty Thoth, I now invoke the activation of your Blue Star Seal.
    A foot above your head, in the area of your Soul Star, a bright blue light will activate.
  2. Visualise a circular dome of blue light coming down and surrounding you.
  3. You are standing within a bright blue six pointed star and the dome surrounds this. This is the geometry of your protection.
  4. Call upon the Mighty Archangel Michael.
  5. Ask him to place within your seal any energies of your choice.
    Here are some examples of beautiful and powerful energies that are perfect to use: The Gold Ray of Christ. The Gold, Silver and Violet Flame. Monadic Connection. Metatron’s Ascension Energy. The energies of your favourite Archangels or Ascended Masters such as the diamond white ray of Archangel Gabriel. The emerald green ray of Archangel Raphael. The soft pink ray of Love from Quan Yin. Lord Kumeka's turquoise ray of deep transformation...
    Anything that you want, they’ll always give you these upon request.
  6. Request the amplification of any other positive thing that you require, such as prosperity consciousness or divine, radiant and perfect health. Or happiness, vitality, confidence and so forth. Be sure to ask in positive terms!
  7. Ask Thoth and Archangel Michael to amplify and support the Seal.

Thank them both.

Final Invocation:

Archangel Metatron, I now invoke you to link my Blue Star Seal to your 9th Dimensional frequency.

I ask that you now descend the Pillar of Light down through my Monad, each of my chakras, and into Hollow Earth, to be grounded and held by Archangel Sandalphon.

Please ensure that a clear and a continual energy flow is established and held, until I request you to release this. Thank you.

Once you have asked him to do this, Archangel Metatron will send a beam of high frequency light from his ninth dimension and down through your Monadic Presence. It will then travel through your Stellar Gateway, Causal, Soul Star, Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Naval, Sacral, Base and finally your Earth Star chakras and into Hollow Earth. 

Archangel Sandalphon will then ground this at the other end.  All of your chakras are now fully open and vibrating at a fifth dimensional frequency.

You are blessed, and fully protected at all times.