Spiritual Laws



 Life on earth is a team game. It is vital to learn the rules so that you can participate and make your contribution. We are taught the spiritual laws before we are born. When you understand and follow the spiritual laws you can create heaven on earth. Life on earth has turned into a free-for-all because people have forgotten them or chosen to disregard them. 

For thousands years relationships have been based on need and desire for control, success measured by material gain and possessions. Predominant emotions have been anger, hurt and fear because people have been focused on physical and sexual sensation.

When people take themselves too seriously they are critical and judgmental of themselves and others. Many feel tense and out of control. Often people feel they have to justify their existence or prove their superiority so that life becomes a power struggle and disharmony prevails.

That is the old paradigm for life on earth.

It is time for change. Divine discontent is entering people’s hearts. The mass consciousness on earth is changing so that people are no longer satisfied with need and greed. We want a better way of living. To achieve this we are asked to learn the rules, work together and clean up our game. We are preparing for promotion to a higher league, in other words we are moving to a higher dimension. As a result, old habits and unresolved issues are surfacing so that they can be examined and released to make way for the new. Social structures are beginning to collapse. Monarchies, parliaments, big business, banks and all dinosaur institutions are moving towards change or extinction. Some wars are similar to boils: anger has festered into hostility and is now being cleared out like pus.

Many now, through hard work, co-operation and discipline, have reached the top league, or higher dimension. When you reach this level do no worry about those still disregarding the rules. Be an example of how the game can be played.

When we follow the spiritual laws we are able to reach enlightenment. We experience a feeling of oneness and live in love, compassion and trust. We become masters, following our own guidance and not allowing ourselves to be deflected by anyone else.

This is heaven on earth where life becomes joyous, peaceful and harmonious. We co-operate and empower others. We let go of our ego desires and live for the divine.

As earth is a plane of free will we can choose whether or not to follow the lows. However, we reap the rewards if we do and bear the consequences if we do not.

Your Higher Self makes certain decision before you come to earth. Your soul makes the choices based on the experiences you need for your progress. You may choose to be born to difficult parents because they embody the challenge your soul needs. While you may reject this as ludicrous your soul views your life from a greater perspective. You may meet the person you will marry because you have karma to repay or because you have earned the right to happiness together. You may have a child who dies because your soul needs to experience loss. Your life may be totally disrupted when you are thirty by unexpected events.

These are pre-life decisions which are inevitable. You have free choice about how you handle each of these circumstances and can make decisions about everything else in your life. It is rather like buying a round-the-world ticket. There are certain stopovers and pre-booked flights that you agree before you set off. What you do the rest of the time is up to you.

As you follow the spiritual laws and raise your game, your mission here is revealed to you. When you have a vision of what you intend to accomplish during your journey on earth, your clarity and purpose fill you with joy.

2012 marked the start of a mass awakening of human consciousness.  A quantum leap took place.

One in every ten million years, there is a moment of stillness, a moment of total silence in the universe. At that moment changes take place that are beyond our comprehension. We have absolutely no concept of the enormity of what awaits us at that moment.

2012 marked the end of life as we know it. In the entire history of the planet there has never been an opportunity like this for spiritual growth. Your task is to prepare yourself and be ready to take the leap. Stop wandering around the maze of life in confusion and fear.  It is time now to walk confidently and purposefully into a new arena.

An insight into the Spiritual Laws will enable you to master life. 

~ Accreditation: Diana Cooper ~