The Law of Blessings

The Thirty-second Spiritual Law of the Universe:
The Law of Blessings

When you bless someone you are invoking divine energy to touch them. When this is done with genuine intent a shaft of divine light is transferred into the person you are blessing. 

In some religions priests place a hand on the head of a person as they bless them. They are activating the crown centre so that light can pass into them. This is such a powerful and personal thing to do that in many cultures it is considered bad manners to touch the crown centre. 

Raising your hand in the direction of the person you wish to bless directs the blessing towards them. 

In Eastern cultures a blessing is called dharshan. There are some avatars, those fully enlightened beings who are totally connected to God, who give dharshan to those who come to see them. Sai Baba had an ashram in Puttaparthi, near Bangalore in India. He was a great avatar. His mere presence conferred a blessing. Thousands flocked to sit silently in his temple awaiting a glimpse of him. His message was about duty and devotion. Where it was appropriate he lifted the burdens of his devotees. As he gave dharshan a golden cosmic flame left his heart centre and entered yours. If you stayed in silent meditation for twenty minutes, you kept this divine energy within you. If, however, you spoke or otherwise dissipated your concentration, the cosmic flame returned to him. 

Diana Cooper first visited his ashram in 1991. Before that he had appeared to her in a few dreams or meditations but she had no contact with his energy for some time. Then one day she was soaking in the bath she heard a voice saying loudly and clearly, “Come to India.” She knew it was Sai Baba and ran downstairs wrapped in a towel to look at her diary to see when she could go. She didn’t know where he was in India or how to get there. Next morning she had a new client. After a few minutes she said to Diana, “Do you need to know how to get to Sai Baba?” In surprise, Diana said, “Yes.” She said she just had a feeling that Diana needed the information and she had it all. When it was time to visit him, he provided the means. While it was wonderful and special to sit in the energy of a Great One, you did not have to visit in your physical body. You could also call Sai Baba in during meditation and ask him for dharshan. 

Amma, the hugging mother, whose message is love and tolerance, simply radiates light and compassion. When she gives dharshan, after hugging you she looks into your eyes and transfers divine energy directly into your heart. She too takes on the pain of her devotees. When Diana stayed in her ashram in Kerala many people, including all the ashram doctors, had eye infections. One day she decided to take the pain of everyone’s infections through her body. Diana received dharshan from her in the yearly hours of the morning after Amma had been dispensing individual blessings for eight hours without a break. Her eyes were inflamed and bright red. She must have been in agony as she carried all that pain. But her smile was radiant and beautiful as if Diana was the first person she hugged. Sometimes they sat cross-legged on the floor of the main temple for hours, waiting for their turn to go for dharshan. After some time Diana’s aching back felt as if it would break but like everyone else somehow she lasted out. After the blessing they were often allowed to sit behind her. Whenever Diana sat there within her aura she was totally unaware of her back. All aches, pains and stiffness dissolved. Everyone she spoke to found the same thing. 

Mother Meera is another Indian avatar who lives in Germany and gives dharshan from her home. Her purpose in settling there is to heal the Nuremberg line and clear the dark energy left from the wars as well as spreading light through her dharshan. People come from all over the world to receive her silent blessing which she offers four times a week. You enter the main room of her house and wait in silence for her to enter. Each person goes up in turn and kneels at her feet. She then places her hand on your head and as she does this she is untying your karmic knots which are held in the aura round your back. She usually transmutes between 25 percent and 50 percent of your karma. Then she looks into your eyes and nods several times. Each nod sends divine energy into you. Finally you return to your seat and meditate to absorb the divine energy. 

You cannot receive a blessing from an avatar without being changed to the deepest core of your being. 

When you bless your food and say thank you for it, it is filled with divine energy. Kirlian photography can film the energy of the food. Much food that we eat is dead, through irradiation, chemicals, long storage and poor cooking. When blessed this food once more radiates life-force and vitality. It is not being suggested that we become complacent about eating lifeless food. Eat fresh organic food wherever possible. However, blessing your food and asking the Divine to fill it with whatever nutrients you need for optimum health can help you on a physical level as well as a spiritual level. There is nothing more wonderful than eating food that has had mantras sung over it during preparing and cooking, for the food is blessed. 

You bless someone when they sneeze so that divine energy may enter them and they will be healthy. 

Bless your work and it will increase and be filled with joy. 

Bless people around you and they will be happy and fulfilled. 

Bless your plants and they will grow abundantly. 

Bless your home and it will be a place of peace. 

Bless your body and it will become a beautiful temple for your spirit. 

Here are examples of blessing you can affirm in order to change your life:

  •  I am blessed to live in such a beautiful body.
  •  I am blessed to be surrounded by people who love me.
  •  I am blessed to have such a peaceful home.

 Here is a wonderful food blessing:

  • In the name of Christ I ask that this food may be blessed so that the fruits of the earth may feed my physical body and the blessings my spiritual body.

 You can also request blessings.

  •   Bless my hands that they may serve you.
  •   Bless my work so that it is done for the highest good.
  •  Bless my relationships that they may be filled with love.
  •  Bless my partner so that we may love and support each other.
  •  Bless my children and protect and guide them.
  •  Bless our home so that it is always filled with peace and love.

May the Divine in me bless you.
May I receive blessings from the Divine in you.

 Bless everyone and fill them with divine energy
and you will be open to the blessings of the Universe.

 ~ Accreditation: Diana Cooper ~