The Law of Manifestation

The Fifteenth Spiritual Law of the Universe:
The Law of Manifestation

You have manifested every single thing that is in your life. You may have used the Laws of Attention, Attraction, Prayer or any one of the spiritual laws already described to bring these things to you. Most of this is done unconsciously. 

Spiritual aspirants who tune into information and guidance
from angels and higher Beings of Light and who master their
minds and emotions, can manifest intentionally.

We live in an ocean of divine consciousness flowing with the symbols of our heart’s desire. That which you wish to draw into your life is already swimming in the ether of the unmanifest world like a beautiful fish waiting for you to reel it in. Each fish has a frequency of its own and is broadcasting on the celestial waveband. Your first task is to tune into the vibrational frequency of the vision you seek. This is to access the information you need to draw it into your life. 

Fish swimming in the celestial seas emit sounds of a high frequency. You must send out a matching note in order for them to come to you. 

Your constant thoughts send out interference which stop you fine-tuning to the frequency you need to be able to hear. It is like trying to catch that fish while splashing about in the water. Sounds of talking, boat engines, hooters, the noise of the world interfere with your ability to tune into the message of the fish. 

If you are swimming in murky water the fish is unlikely to approach you or you may not see it if it does. Get into pure water by stilling your mind. 

Be certain you know which sort of fish you really want. Otherwise you may find yourself catching a shark. Clarity is a key to manifestation. 

Be still and clear, raise your frequency to that of whatever you want, then it will approach you. If you wish to have a friend who is open-hearted, fun loving and light, you must develop those qualities in yourself. 

The ability to manifest is a mighty power, so it is imperative that you manifest only for the highest good. Therefore the first step is to meditate and listen to your inner guidance, so that you are totally clear what you intend to manifest. 

As soon as you have clarity, picture what you want. Visualisation is an important key, for pictures enter the right brain, which is the mighty creative computer. 

You must have absolute total faith that it is on its way. Do not doubt. Do not deviate. Hold the vision.

When you are a high-dimension being like Jesus Christ you can bring loaves and fishes from the unmanifest dimension to the material by the power of your clear vision and faith. Sai Baba, the avatar who lived in India, did the same. He manifested beautiful jewellery and also vibbutti healing ash for his devotees.  There are many gurus and also magicians who have this power. They tune into the fish they want which then swims into their hands. 

While some fifth-dimensional people can manifest with the power of thought alone, third or fourth-dimensional people have to take action in order to manifest. 

Remember that you can start small. A particular woman manifested a tissue for herself one morning. 

She was walking into town to go to the library when her nose started to run. She did not have a handkerchief or a tissue on her and she certainly did not want to buy a box of tissues and carry it around town. So she decided to manifest a tissue. Now she was totally clear what she wanted one! She knew that God wanted her to have one too. So somewhere there was a tissue for her. She absolutely knew without doubt that a tissue was going to be provided for her in a perfect way, so she kept an eye open for it. When she walked into the library there was a box of tissues just under the counter, so she took action and asked for one. The librarian said, “Have as many as you like, love.” 

There is no difference between manifesting a tissue and manifesting something bigger. The key is our faith in our ability to do it. 

If clarity is your difficulty, write down exactly what you want. If you want a partner, write in detail the qualities you wish him or her to have. This gives information to your left brain computer, your logical mind. Relax and visualise this person, so that your right brain computer, your creative mind, is working in synchronicity with your left. 

Then make sure you have matching qualities within you. If you want an open, warm-hearted person, check that you are open and warm-hearted. 

If you wish to manifest a car, write down exactly what you need. Picture it. Then make sure you are sending out the vibrations which match the vibration of that car. If you have small-car consciousness, it is no use trying to manifest a Rolls-Royce. 

You must be able to feel the good feeling of having what you are manifesting. Focus on the higher qualities of that which you wish to manifest and then align with them. If having a particular job would give you a sense of satisfaction, focus on that feeling of satisfaction. Do things that bring you satisfaction until your inner feeling align with that of the job on offer. Then it manifests for you. 

One way to cast the line for your fish is to draw on a piece of paper exactly what you want. Make sure the energy is right, so be careful of the colours you use, for each colour has a vibration. Write on your picture, “This or something better now manifests for the highest good of all.”  You may have asked for a sprat which the Universe is ready to offer you a mackerel. 

Now that you have baited your line with the bait attractive to your fish, go for a walk and wait for the fish to approach. In other words, detach from your desire. Then come back and take whatever action is necessary to bring it in. 

Om is the sound of creation. Sound has a vibration. Some sounds shatter. Others heal. Om purifies, stills and manifests. When you have taken the above steps picture your vision while you om. This accelerates its manifestation. Different traditions spell this om, ohm or aum. 

Here is a resume of the steps needed to activate the Law of Manifestation: 

1.         Be still and listen.  

2.         Be very clear about what you want.  

3.         Relax and visualise yourself receiving it.  

4.         Align your vibration to what you wish to manifest.  

5.         Have total faith it is on its way.  

6.         Hold your vision and om for its manifestation.  

7.         Take any necessary action. 

Cast your line into the celestial oceans.
Align your frequency to that of your vision and it will manifest into your reality.

~ Accreditation: Diana Cooper ~