The Law of Miracles

The Twenty-seventh Law of the Universe:
The Law of Miracles

When something happens which is not normally explainable by our physical laws we have to turn to the spiritual laws. 

On Earth we are living in a heavy vibration which is subject to the Law of Karma. Occasionally something happens which allows us to slip through the gap into the divine energy. The divine frequency dissolves and transmutes our lower energy and a miracle occurs. As worldwide consciousness rises more and more people are accessing the Divine. Consequently more people are experiencing miracles. 

Genuine forgiveness and unconditional love are divine energies which allow miracles to happen. 

Some years ago the only present an elderly lady wanted for Christmas was a phone call from her son. She had not heard from him for five years and his father had died during that period. When she talked about her son she sounded bitter and hurt. She could not say a good word about him. Bitterness, hurt and anger are heavy, repellent energies. It was no wonder her son did not want to contact her. Diana Cooper and she talked about the situation for some time until she perceived things differently. Then Diana suggested she wrote down the anger she felt and burn the paper. This she did. Afterwards she sat quietly and thought about all the things she loved about him. Finally she asked her angel to talk to his angel suggesting he phone at Christmas. He phoned on Christmas Day. 

If someone changes their attitude to you completely after many years, it is a miracle. Anne and her mother had never really got on, partly because her brother was the favourite. It was a terrible shock to the whole family when her committed suicide. Her mother was devastated. She would not talk about it and lived behind an impregnable emotional wall. Her mother talked non-stop and Anne simple could not get through to her. 

Anne read Diana’s first book Light Up Your Life and thought, “No, it is ridiculous. It is impossible to change so easily. It might work for other people but not for me. I’ll never be able to heal the relationship with my mother.” 

However, one day she was sitting with her mother, who as usual never for one moment stopped talking. Anne remembered what she had read. She decided to try it. She pictured all her own defences coming down and then her mother’s. Then she sat projecting love on to her mother. A few minutes later her mother stopped talking abruptly. She looked at Anne and said, “There must be another way.” Suddenly she started sharing how she felt when her son died. She told Anne that she and her husband never made love again after that. She became vulnerable and gentle. From that moment Anne and her mother became incredibly close. When she died she felt that she really loved her. Miracles are a natural result of the activation of higher energies. 

When we ask the angels or ascended masters or any being from the spiritual hierarchy of light to help us we draw in the divine frequency which transcends physical laws. 

An Indian lady shared this story during a workshop. She did a lot of sewing. One day the bobbin of her sewing machine stuck. She could not move it. She did not drive and couldn’t carry the heavy machine to the repair shop, so she put it away, hoping for the best. Two days later her husband came home with a pair of trousers he had bought. They were too large and needed taking in. He wanted them for work the next day. She got out the machine and the bobbin was absolutely jammed solid. She tried everything she could to move it but it was stuck fast. Finally she sat quietly and asked the angels to help her. She said, “My husband needs these trousers tomorrow. Please help.” She went back the machine and the bobbin moved perfectly. 

A close friend was moving house. She had a large sofa of which she was particularly fond. The removal men failed to get it through the front door. They took down part of her neighbour’s fence and carried the sofa round to the back of the house. It would not go through the door. They tried every angle for twenty-five minutes. She quietly asked the angels to take over. Within a minute of asking for help, the sofa was through the door and gracing the sitting room. The removal men were amazed. 

Diana was doing a phone-in on the radio when a lady phoned in with this story. She said that when her dad died she didn’t know how she was going to cope with the funeral. She felt so devastated. She could not face it. She was so desperate that she asked for help. In the night an angel came into her dream. She heard hymns being sung around her and felt total peace of mind. This feeling stayed with her and took her through the funeral. She then went on to say that the fountain in her garden pond stopped one day. Friends tried to repair it but could not get it right. She thought the fish would die. Over many days different people tried to mend it. Nothing worked. Before she went to sleep she asked the angels to help with the fountain. In the morning she woke to the sound of water flowing. It was working again. 

Someone told a story during a workshop. She explained that her husband was a businessman who made frequent trips to Germany. During one trip he had stayed the night in a hotel where he regularly stayed. In the morning he got into his car and drove away. To his horror he found himself driving the wrong way down the slip road on to the autobahn towards the oncoming cars. In panic he called to the angels for help. The next moment he was on the other carriageway in the outside lane driving in the stream of traffic. He simply could not find an explanation for this. 

Great beings such as the late Sai Baba manifest sacred ash, called vibbutti ash, from their hands. It is healing ash. There are many stories of vibbutti ash forming on pictures of Sai Baba. In the home of a devote vibbutti ash filled the space inside the picture frames. It even came out of the wallpaper in their shrine room and was quite astonishing. 

Synchronicities and coincidences are a form of miracle. Spiritual forces are working behind the scenes to co-ordinate the vast and marvellous Universe to make sure that predestined meetings take place. 

It can be as simple as Diana’s father meeting an Indian on a train and saying to him, “When I lived in India I was very friendly with a young man. I don’t suppose you know him?” It transpired it was this man’s first cousin. Of all the tens of millions of people who live in India! It prompted Diana’s father to write to his friend again and they stayed in touch. As a result Diana’s daughter and her stayed with the family in Delhi over fifty years after her parents knew them. They took them to see all Diana’s childhood haunts and they had a marvellous time together. 

Coincidences and synchronicities are directed by God and orchestrated by your guides and angels so that you have the opportunity of fulfilling your destiny. 

As your vibrations rise you attract more spiritual help,
so miracles, synchronicities and coincidences are signals
from the Universe that you are on your true pathway. 

Miracles are signs that you are on your true path.

 ~ Accreditation: Diana Cooper ~