Tibetan numerology



What fun you can have with the Tibetan Numerology!

Which, by the way, has been passed down by word of mouth as there are no writings on the subject.

The code works on your birth date and reflects what your lessons are to be learnt in this lifetime. 

Isn't that interesting ... to find out what your lessons are in this lifetime? 

What are you battling with the most?  What arena are you faced with time and again?

Did you know that you made a decision in your previous lifetime to return this time to face what fears you most?

There are some who are blessed with all around knowledge and have returned for the sheer joy of being on earth, loving and caring for those beings who need help this time around.

If you would like to know what you are facing and why some transgressions seem to favour you most, please contact me for a reading and I will be pleased to do a reading for you.

There is nothing complicated about the Tibetan numerology, it shows your life lesson so you may concentrate on the areas that you need to work on most of all.