What is the Higher Purpose of My Life?

~ A Saint Germain Channeling ~

Dear Saint-Germain

The pressure of the past few weeks has been the most intense I have ever felt. It's gotten to the point that I actually thought I wouldn't be able to continue my journey through life. Now I realize that I must change the way I am traveling my life path.

Part of my problem is this: I feel overwhelmed by shallow, New Age chatter. Instead, I would like to focus on the deeper awareness that my Soul and I are one. To do this, I need to release the belief that as a human being, I am somehow at the bottom of some perfect spiritual hierarchy; and that the only reason I am here is to atone for the many mistakes I have made throughout miserable lifetimes of getting it wrong! What I want to do is to live right here – right now.

I need to know that I am not a mistake. I need to know that there has been a Higher Purpose to my life. I need to know that all I have experienced – for better or worse – has value and meaning.

Can you help me please?

Dear friend, I AM Saint-Germain

One of the things that we'd like to address in today's Soul purpose reading for you, is the importance of giving yourself the time that you need to understand and work through the changes that are going on in your life right now. You are now opening doors to the revelation of profound truths in your life, and you need to take this experience and embody it in your whole being.

The fact is, you ARE here on earth now. This IS the overriding focus of your immediate experience, as a spiritual being temporarily taking human form. The simple fact of your BEING present on this planet now, IS the main purpose of your life. You don't need to search for complicated meaning. You are here – at the most fundamental level – just to experience life in this very human expression of yours.

Clearly this may sound too simplistic to a part of you that needs to hear more. Specifically, I am speaking about the mind.

The mind, when under the influence of the ego, is accustomed to hearing wild stories about needing to integrate this or that energy, heal such-and-such a wound, or please a certain group of angels before you can move on to the next level of spiritual realization.

The ego places obstacles like these in your path or suggests that they are there, and then promises to remove them from your way if you will simply trust in its protection.

This coercive tactic allows the ego to “take charge” of your spiritual unfolding for you, rather than allowing your mind access to legitimate spiritual guidance by first labelling the ego as the fraud and impostor that it is. Yes, the ego deceptively gains your allegiance through spiritual extortion, but its promise of guidance and protection is phony. Instead, it places a greater connection with your Soul in jeopardy, as long as you believe its lies.

These stories make us chuckle because they are the ego's futile attempts to enslave a mind too willing to accept personality defects as obstacles to spiritual awareness, rather than stepping stones to fully remembering the spirit being THAT YOU ARE and always have been, regardless of your earthly form.

So, don't worry so much about not having a purpose, or that you are missing in any way the purpose of your being here on Earth. You are doing just fine. Please know that going through the experiences that you attract IS a perfectly legitimate path to finding your own and unshakable truth.

By allowing yourself to move through each experience that is revealed to you, you release old wounds and heal your life. At the same time, you achieve great wisdom and life experience. This is all that you have to do. It is also what will elevate you from that place of feeling small and insignificant in this vast world. It will inspire you to explore your Self further and to let go of the stories and falsehoods that your ego has created over time.
To allow your life experiences to flow through you with greater ease and satisfaction, start by creating tranquility. Start by having a warm and loving environment for your body. Start by exploring your emotions in a way that feels safe to you. Start by allowing yourself to feel grounded.

What you can do now is anything that helps your spirit feel connected physically to the earth. Something that creates a state of joy and pleasure while being in the body. It could be something like body movement, or anything else. But it should be something that catalyzes the connection between your body, mind and spirit.

The natural world and everything that connects you to the planet earth is also going to be of assistance to you now, so find ways to be close to the earth. Explore what it is that truly opens your heart, but that also gives you a sense of stability and security. And then, be willing to explore your body and your physicality with the same determination and persistence that you have when you are exploring the world of spirit.

Now let's talk about the way you've been feeling recently. Lately you've been feeling caught between two worlds. Your mind has been divided between believing, on the one hand, that the world of Spirit is real and on the other hand, that there is no such thing as angels, and that you cannot receive guidance from such sources of love, compassion, and impartial truth. This split in your mind causes you to feel insecure because it keeps you feeling confused.

What can you do now? First of all, you need to come back from your past and just be
willing to let go completely of that sense of futility that you've been experiencing lately. Then, allow yourself to understand that you don't have to feel trapped by your life or your circumstances.

Get clear about your intentions and about the choices that you are making about your life right now, and then be fearless in taking a direction that feels right for you. Don't let yourself be deterred by self-doubt or by the fear of what others may think or say about you. You also don't need to fear what you don't know yet. Sometimes, you find the greatest pleasure in discovering and experiencing things that are not familiar to you.
Just give yourself permission to explore now and be willing to look at things that inspire you. You can let go of the fear of being misunderstood by others. Your life is truly just YOURS. And the only person that has to live with it and be happy about it, is YOU.

What else might you need in order to align yourself with your Soul's purpose?

Most importantly, it is to allow yourself to connect with the source of love, compassion, sensibility, and maturity that you possess. You will also need to bring some balance into your life by putting yourself first on your list of priorities. You can no longer ignore the fact that you need to take care of yourself. Listen to your inner voice, because it will tell you what actions you need to take and when. This will create an environment for you to do what feels comfortable and loving to yourself first, but also helpful and loving to others when appropriate.

Again, the natural world can play a very important role in re-balancing your current experiences and perspectives. It can offer you the perfect setting to pause and reflect on your life, and on what you've been going through in the previous years.

Nature is also there to show you how perfect the world can truly be. In Nature, you will also find examples of how to completely surrender to your experiences of life. These examples will help you understand that you don't have to struggle to figure out your journey, but instead that your path will unfold before you in its own way and at the right time.

You will also discover that you don't have to sacrifice anything about yourself that feels authentic or right in order to reach a place of peace and joy. Instead, you only have to let go of self-limiting judgments about what you think you should be or achieve, or what others want you to be or do. This will liberate you from old patterns of living and thinking and allow you to find greater peace in the world because you will feel fully embraced by life.

Indeed, I AM Saint-Germain.

~By Alexandra and Dan~