What do the angels say about finances?

This month I’d like to touch on finances. I’ll be sharing some questions that Diana Cooper Asked the Angels. As you know, the world is in a state of crisis with regard to finances. Many foresee the collapse of the financial state in the years to come. Things simply cannot continue the way they’ve been escalating. You may have bought a home when the bond repayment was manageable, but now with the recent interest rate hikes, you find yourself in a position where you simply cannot see your way clear at the end of the month. I’ve heard some horrific stories from friends and colleagues. Besides the peeps who have a bond to repay, the average man in the street simply cannot afford to keep up with day to day expenses. Eating patterns have changed to accommodate the escalation. Let’s touch on a few questions that Diana asked the Angels, which may help shed some light on our finances:

Why does God allow some nations to be rich while others starve?

God has given everyone on Earth free will and therefore stands back to witness how humans handle the gift. For centuries, people have chosen to act with greed and control and the stronger have exploited the weak. As a result, some nations have become rich, careless of the fact that others are starving. (Sounds just like South African society – my personal opinion.) This situation is caused by lack of human feeling, not by a higher power, for in the divine vision every individual is equal and abundant and always has been. It is time for individuals to use their power and influence to reinstate equality.

What are the lessons of poverty?

When you are poor, one of your lessons is to value yourself, recognising and accepting that you are a worthy being whatever your circumstances. Your learning may be to open to abundance consciousness by changing the way you think, believe and act. If experiencing a life of poverty makes you feel a victim, your lesson is to master the spiritual laws and transform your beliefs. Or to become independent, your soul may need to understand dependence. The angels delight as you grow through your challenges and set yourself free.

Why should your soul choose for you to be poor? It doesn’t make sense.

To choose to be born poor may seem strange to your personality, but your Higher Self judges what experience you need for your growth, and reviews the entire journey of your soul, including your past lives on Earth, before it makes such a choice.

Here are a few reasons for your oversoul to choose poverty:
• You may have abused riches in other lives and need to experience the opposite.
• Your soul may believe that money is the path to damnation, so it chooses lack.
• In past lives you may have found that wealth brought you misery.
• Perhaps you wondered whether people loved you only because of your material state.
• You may have felt there was too much responsibility attached to finances and so determined to live a life without emphasis on gold.
• Your soul may value love beyond possessions.
There are many reasons for such a choice, including the simple challenge – can you be poor and still maintain your divine connection?

It is so unfair. I work hard and have no money and my sister never does a thing and is rich. Why does God allow this?

God does not allow this situation. You do. Consciousness creates karma and your sister has a belief that she deserves what she has. Change your beliefs, your thoughts and words. Make them abundant and generous. Act as if you are prosperous, bless your sister in her wealth and watch your life blossom.

What is abundance consciousness?

Abundance consciousness is a belief that you deserve a constant flow of good to come to you and are open to receiving it. You know that plenty already surrounds you and you draw it in.

What is poverty consciousness?

Poverty consciousness is a belief in lack, that there is not enough love, money, success, work or happiness for you and that you do not deserve it anyway. This illusion is holding too many people back. The truth is, abundance surrounds you. You merely have to welcome it into your life.

When people say money is just an energy, what do they mean?

Every object starts with a thought. You then direct this mind power, and add passion, communication, belief and appropriate action in order to manifest it. Coins, notes and bank balances are the tangible outcome of this process, which uses your vital force or prana. Hence money is the product of correctly expended energy.

I have always been poor. So has my family. We work hard, have no time for pleasure, all our clothes are cast-offs. Life is just a miserable grind. So what do the angels say to that?

Poverty consciousness is holding you and everyone else on the planet back. It is time to stop your concentration about what you do not like, and accept the abundance that awaits you as soon as you welcome it into your life.

I hope all the above makes sense. Most of us were brought up believing that we can’t have things unless “money grows on trees” so our mindset is hooked on that belief. I’d encourage you the cut the energy ties that hold you strictly in that belief system. You don’t need to work out how things will work out for you, just that you see the successful end result. Start with a little exercise if you have doubts, and then let things grow from there. Its so easy to manifest an empty parking space near the main entrance to a shopping mall, why not try that same mindset with other things in your life?