Working as a Tarot Reader

Using intuition and working as a reader has its moments. During readings I use the tarot cards and oracle cards and derive a lot of information from them. However, just as much information is downloaded via channelling the angels who help me with each and every reading. Before a reading commences I silently ask them to attend and assist with sharing any information which is for the highest benefit of the client. I consciously remove ego from the situation, especially when the client is family or a friend. Projecting my own opinions into someone else’s reading is going to get me nowhere.

Now there are various groups of clients one deals with:

-      the open enquiring kind who soaks up all advice and is genuinely interested in how they can change their lives to get ahead, who want to know more about angels and the spiritual side;

-      there’s the practical kind who want dates and times. what exactly they will be doing as far as work is concerned, how the love of their life will appear, and a lot of time don’t agree if I tell them that they are currently not with “the one” and that “the one” is still to enter their lives

-      there’s the general type who patiently wait for the reading to finish and then belt out all the questions under the sun so the reading has to be re-interpreted according to their questions;

-      and there’s the very closed type who sit with their arms folded and want to know why you don’t know how many children they have because you’re the psychic aren’t you? 😊

I’m going to share some of the heart-warming stories and some of the weird ones. This will give you some insight into what it’s like working with the many characters that enter my life on a weekly basis. Other readers can attest to this, I’m sure, and they probably have their own rather strange stories to tell. For the sake of confidentially, I’ll change the name of the *Client so I won’t be thrown in jail lest I inadvertently reveal some secrets.

The adage that says you are to trust your gut feel works very well with readings. During some readings I pick up immense happiness and good energy, even when the client themselves are in a negative place. By the time the reading is finished I feel energised and so pleased that I could assist someone. The same goes for feeling “off” about something or someone. When I sense the “off energy” I ask the angels to show me what I need to see in that moment, and to keep me safe.

The majority of clients are wonderful to deal with and some become good friends over the years. The readings that give me joy are the humorous ones where messages channelled are warm and uplifting and give detailed images of what is about to appear in that particular person’s life. Feedback is often received and I’d like to share a couple of heart-warming stories with you.

*Felicity came for a reading and I picked up that her family would be immigrating rather quickly, in fact, by the end of the year. She was astounded as they had no intention of leaving SA so soon! They were considering only leaving in a couple of years actually. Within the next few months the application process was over and they were on their way to Australia. I also saw that she would be working for a college or learning facility. This fell into place. A reading months later revealed she would leave there due to another job offer and this fell into place too. She told me when I last spoke to her, she had many doubts about the information shared as she thought she’d never leave her previous job.

*Tammy owns a school and I saw she would be building a ramp to accommodate a student in a wheelchair. She laughed as she didn’t offer that facility at all. It was some weeks later she was approached by a woman whose son is in a wheelchair whether she could enrol him at the school … *Tammy subsequently built a ramp!  I also sensed that she would be purchasing the property next door when the owner is ill and her school would expand. Her neighbour was always in a bad mood and had already told her that he’d never sell, so she was very doubtful about this news. Not so long ago the neighbour’s son approached *Tammy to establish whether she’s still interested in the property as his dad is terminally ill and wants to sell it. In Tammy’s reading I also picked up a little soul is about to enter her life, and the good news is that it’s confirmed!

*Susie is a divorced mom and has been on her own for a while. During her reading I sensed she would be meeting a very good man who she would fall in love with, and in addition, he would fit in very well with her family. It took a little while, however *Susie has let me know that the certain someone has appeared and he fits in VERY well with her family. 

There are others like *Susie who have doubted that they would ever meet someone special and they have. The most recent client told me TODAY that I had forecast she would meet someone who would contact her, making out like it was a business meeting, but in fact, he’s interested in meeting her for other reasons. I read for her a couple of months ago 😊

Some forecasts take a while to make an appearance and normally in a reading one picks up where the block is. Sometimes the client dwells too frequently on what they DON’T have instead of allowing God and the angels to work things out for them. It’s like asking the Divine energies to help you with a task. You hand them the needles and wool, and then take the wool back. It’s a process called trust. With it comes humour and banter and good old speaking straight into the Divine energies’ hearts. At the moment I’m going through a difficult time and I’ve asked for guidance and the message I receive is “Wait.” I am waiting. It’s as though I am watching a movie play out. I sit and look at the situation and trust that it’s being worked out by a greater power and I trust in that power to bring about the best solution, and that it will be bigger and better than I could ever imagine. I see myself leaving the country and living in Polynesia! Hahaha! I’m teasing! Through the process I have not lost my sense of humour as I have in the past when I’ve been let down by people who I thought had my back. I digress …

There are also weird clients and I’m going to share them with you now so you can see what readers sometimes put up with from the public. Looking back, I am grateful that I was surrounded by angels who kept me safe (and sane) and that I can laugh about it now.

In this first weird story, I had an uncomfortable feeling about a client who was calling at my home for a reading, but only shortly before he was due to arrive. The reading actually went well and I felt quite foolish for being paranoid about *Akhil beforehand. He appeared effeminate and I felt I had nothing to worry about.

A few days later, *Akhil sent an email saying that he was sure that the new woman in his life is a white woman and could I look deeper around this. I assured him that whatever woman was about to enter his life, I couldn’t give further details as I had already given him and he was to maintain an open mind. Well, *Akhil, for some reason only known to him, thought I was the woman in his reading and started stalking me. He sent messages via email initially and then from various cellphone numbers, all of which I blocked. Fortunately, I also moved home around that time and was now in a gated complex with security. After a few months, I had forgotten about *Akhil until he started texting again from another unknown number. I alerted security at the complex to this character so they took it upon themselves to walk any male client to my door (visibly carrying a baton) and ask, “Is this man okay?” when I opened the door. I was most embarrassed. On one occasion the security guard knocked on my door to tell me my client had arrived and he wasn’t going to walk him to the door because “He’s okay, he has a wife and kid with him!”

On another occasion many years ago, I was siting at my dining room table preparing for the reading as the client was due to arrive any moment. It was custom in that complex that the visitor rang your unit number from the complex keypad and you let them in remotely. There was a knock on the door and upon opening, there stood *Freddy who told me he was here for his appointment. While unlocking the security gate I asked him how he got into the complex. He said, “I have my ways and means.” I decided right there and then to leave the door unlocked and the security gate wide open.

*Freddy was abrupt and unfriendly throughout the reading and finally when it was all over, he told me he had only come for a reading as his wife had begged him to, and that I wasn’t any good anyway as I didn’t pick up that he has a fountain outside him home! (This question always puzzled me – why must I tell him something he already knew?) He left abruptly, saying that he would see himself out the complex as he could open any security gate anywhere, which he proceeded to do. Never saw *Freddy again! Thank the stars!

Then there was the very serious fellow, *Jeff, who wanted to move to the Cape and wanted to know if it would be soon as he wanted to get his new business off the ground, but it had to be in the Cape. I recall telling him it looked as if he would be moving, but not as soon as he’d like. Once the reading was over, he had a list of questions that went along the lines of: “Will my wife die before I move to the Cape?” “Will my wife die of a heart attack?” “Will my wife die while she’s jogging?” “Will my wife’s friend be with her when she dies?”

OMW! I didn’t see the poor wife dying at all. But clearly *Jeff was planning his future around his wife’s demise. I spent the next few months scanning news items looking for any suspicious deaths …

The above stories are a small percentage of clients who have acted weirdly. Thankfully 😊

Working with the tarot opens the crown chakra and the third eye, and as a result the intuition expands. The gift of psychic awareness grows. One’s senses become heightened to messages in the form of hearing, smelling, knowing … and messages from across the veil are also received. Sometimes souls who have crossed over visit me and they hang around for a few days before their loved one comes for a reading. I have loads of stories about those episodes and will share at a later date. As I am typing this, a soul has peeped around the door. I smelled someone’s scent earlier on and wondered when they were going to reveal themselves.

In the meantime, I continue to invoke the angels into my space on a daily basis and enjoy their banter while we do the work we do. They show me the lighter side of life. While we go through the ups and downs in life, one needn’t stay in a downward spiral. Trusting that your prayers are heard and answered, even before you see the results, allows you to live in your own spirit-filled world where you can create your own magic!