Your Auric Field


We all have an auric field around our bodies, and may not be particularly aware of it. However, once you learn how it can work for you, you can become aware just how important it is to take care of. Your aura is an electromagnetic vibrating field filled with dual masculine and feminine energies. Electro – is the principle of male dynamic energy drawing outward, and Magneto – the principle of female energy drawing inward.

Did you know that your auric field is connected to the brain and spinal cord? This forms an electrical charging unit which serves as a kind of engine supplying electricity (outward movement) and magnetism (inward movement) to your auric field. And this is all in accordance with the thoughts we think and emotions felt. An aura can also pick up good and bad energy. That’s why we recoil from certain people with “bad energy” and love being around people with “good energy”.

The aura is a very real dynamic. If you’ve ever had the experience of Kirlian photography (a technique which records images of corona – the corona or blue corona in humans is the part of the auric field closest to the physical body – discharges with a camera), then you’re well aware of what your aura showed up as at that particular time.

Your aura can extend many meters outwards. I’ve personally experienced this phenomenon with dousing rods on angel workshops. When you deliberately invoke angels into your aura, your aura extends outwards. When you consciously reel in your aura, it shrinks and extends only a few centimeters from your body.

The auric field isn’t all air and grace and wonderful feelings though. Thoughts play a big role … If one thinks and feels resentment, anger, intense negativity, you’re bound to create and attract densities into it. Densities in the aura are anything from tiny and not-so-harmful elementals, to entities and demonic attachments, which can lead to change in behavioural characteristics. Sometimes it takes an experienced Lightworker to help safely remove these dark entities.

Densities can’t thrive in the Light, and if you feel at times that you may have attracted a density, become aware and make a change in behaviour, whom you associate with, or make a shift in attitude. Then they could leave on their own accord.

How do we attract these entities into our auric field?

When you dishonour your personal integrity, then your aura can tear or rip. You could let someone talk you into doing something you know in your heart isn’t good for you. You’re only going along with the idea to please the other person, while compromising yourself. This causes tears in your energy field. If you’re subjected to continual abuse – mental, physical, emotional – your auric field will have many tears and rips. As your good energy “leaks”, you will become weaker and may be prone to attracting densities and darkness.

Please note: Not everyone who has been subject to abuse and bad treatment will attract an entity although their aura may have the holes for these things to enter. I’m merely sharing this info so you can remain aware.

Allowing densities to remain in the aura may also culminate in sickness, where most origins of disease emanate. Thinking low vibrational thoughts can provoke low vibrational emotions, which in turn invite densities in. Why? Because the thought vibration travels throughout your body and into your aura. That thought vibration hangs out there – whether it’s a high frequency or a low vibration. Over time if you don’t remove the densities, that frequency in turn travels through your blue corona and into your physical body, creating disease. What began as a (negative) thought, now has become a density which has entered the body.

Besides thoughts and emotions, be aware that music, fragrance, certain colours, lifestyle choices and physical contact with others are some other influences in maintaining your aura. You want to keep it as clear and beautiful as possible, and live life consciously.

How do I cleanse my aura?

1. In a visualisation, ask the Archangels to cleanse and clear your aura. Imagine that every ounce of negativity is removed, and that all entities and implants are removed completely.

2. Use a good quality incense or Palo Santo to wave in your auric field, from head to toe.

3. A little smoke from a bonfire or small personal sacred fire can also be waved into your aura to cleanse it.

4. Drum softly.

5. Sound a gong or bell, e.g. Tibetan bells, softly in your aura.

If you feel intuitively that an entity has left your aura, immediately fill your aura with Light. Imagine Spirit sending down a ray of protective energy and love to fill your aura and repair it.

You will now be operating on a clear frequency.

Keeping your aura clear will help you improve your senses, including your intuition.
Many years ago, I was in a toxic work environment where colleagues used some “muti” against me. It was then that I learnt how to strengthen my aura by using Angelic assistance (Light). There was no need to retaliate against my ex-colleagues, although I very much wanted to do so. On a daily basis, I filled my aura with Light consisting of Love, Strength, Protection, Grace, Forgiveness and Compassion. I imagined the Light to be pale pink which came down directly from Source and entered my Crown Chakra, filled up my body and aura, and milled that energy around me. I breathed in that Light, and breathed it out, building my aura up to be strong and impenetrable to negative energies. Only good energy could enter. I knew without doubt that my aura was strong and I asked that should anything negative be sent to me, it be returned to the sender with consciousness attached.

Over the next few weeks, I watched as those same colleagues who had used the “muti” became entangled in disastrous situations, mostly affecting them financially. Their own misdeeds fell heavily on them. Whether or not they saw it as a reflection of their own bad intentions, I don’t know.

Every now and again I use the protective Angelic assistance visualisation to strengthen my aura, especially in difficult situations and when I’m feeling threatened or vulnerable. Every morning when invoking the angels into my space, I ask them to clear my aura and remove any negative energies or entities from it. For me, it’s a form of housekeeping, and it has become a habit.

Your aura is an important garment of Light and it’s as important to keep it healthy, just as much as you do for your physical body. Give it love and attention it deserves!